A Slave who became Emperor
124 Guests from far far away
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A Slave who became Emperor
Author :Aishwaryav
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124 Guests from far far away

@@The Coronation ceremony was about to begin in the Gandhara empire, everyone was seated in their designated places, the old emperor Kailash Nanda was standing near the throne. The crown Prince Sagara Nanda was approaching the throne. Beside him was Crown Princess Sukhmani followed by their beautiful daughter Princess Mallika.

Mallika was especially dressed for the occasion in auspicious red and gold colours, she adorned her hair with roses and was wearing very simple jewellery and looked enchanting..

On the right hand side of the throne there were a series of chairs which were occupied by Pinaka, Samyukta and their respective parents. Prince Deepak was sitting near Samyukta. He couldn't help but take stealthy glances at Mallika...on the left hand side of the throne, the series of chairs were occupied by important employees if the royal court..the commoners of the empire were seated behind the employees on the floor.. everyone was dressed in their best clothes..

Mallika was wearing a netted veil through which she saw Prince Deepak, he looked very handsome. As they approached the throne, everyone rose. The Raj guru of Nanda family had the golden crown ready and set on a golden plate.

The old emperor Kailash Nanda approached his son, held his hand and lead him towards the throne, Vedic chants by Raj guru and his disciples filled the royal palace.

Classical Hindustani music was being played in the background..as they approached the throne, Sagar Nanda and his wife Sukhmani turned towards the audience.

Suddenly there was an announcement by a servant. Everyone was slightly confused and looked towards the announcer. The messenger revealed a scroll and read, 'Great Emperor Khalsa Khan and Great Empress Maya Khan request audience to attend the coronation of crown Prince Sagara Nanda'...

Everyone was shocked and looked at old emperor Kailash Nanda..he too looked surprised..he looked at Pinaka....he didn't make any arrangements to receive these unexpected guests.. everyone looked nervous..Raj guru stopped his Vedic chants.. silence prevailed over..



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