Cassy's Desires
9 Chapter 9,
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Cassy's Desires
Author :SMcAtee
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9 Chapter 9,

Cassy Pushed Dyson back into a standing position and Slid off the end of the bed landing on her knees, Reaching for him she looked directly into his eyes and Slowly licked from the base of his Cock to the top swirling her tongue at the tip until she fully pulled him into her mouth, Dyson let out a hiss as he sucked air threw his teeth and clinched jaw, pulling away his picked her up throwing her back onto the bed, Taking a moment to stare at the beautiful curvaceous woman laid out in front of him, "God you are Perfect" He Rumbled his approval.

Cassy smiled turning a delightful pink. Bending down onto the Bed he started at her left knee kissing and swirling his tongue down her thigh just as he reached her sex pulling back and doing the same to the other leg, Cassy let out a whimper of disapproval, He reveled in her scent Grabbing her hips burying his mouth in her delicious folds. He could feel her wetness soaking his lips but it only made him more excited, she let out a moan as He flicked his tongue across her Clit again and again inserting two fingers into her slick center, Her moan rose into a pleasure filled Gasps, Reaching up with the other hand he rubbed her nipple between his thumb and index finger. She grabbed his hair grinding her hips, he felt her gasp grow quicker and faster and her walls closed tight around his fingers until finally she released into an orgasm that left his mouth and hand Drenched.

with a Smile Dyson raised up onto his hand and knees over Cassy positioning his throbbing manhood at her entrance, Cassy froze mesmerized by the size of him, slowly inserting the tip into her, She let out a moan as he continued to push forward, god she was full she couldn't possibly take any more of him. he stopped, she looked up at him his eyes where closed, "Dyson?" she breathlessly said, "God you are so tight. Everything about you is so Perfect," Dyson Said opening his eyes looking at her and with that pulled out and thrusted back into her repeatedly, Letting out a Loud moan halve scream she wrapped her legs tightly around him. She couldn't take much more, digging her nails into his back until they both Exploded into ecstasy together.

Dyson withdrew him self and dropped onto the bed next to her Both panting hard, he pulled her into his arms, kissing the top of her head and running his fingers up and down her spine until She Closed her eyes and was Fast asleep, she was exhausted.


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