Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
107 Fang Lan’s Guil
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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107 Fang Lan’s Guil

Martial God Sect's Domain

The early morning sun was already well risen and its rays, like fingers, stretched across every crevice of the land.

At this moment, above the cloud of the Martial God Sect's Domain, a huge unknown dark beast could be seen flying across the sky at an amazing speed.

The unknown dark beast was darker than even the darkest creature of the night. It was unknown what kinda species it belonged to, however, if one had to describe it, it looked more like a giant dark eagle.

With a wingspan of over a hundred squared meters, the humongous dark beast caused massive winds and waves to kick whenever it flapped its wings.


With a flap of its wings, the giant dark beast was able to travel over a hundred miles in a mere instant.

The immense dark beast resembled a Heavenly Demon God Beast from ancient times, a demon emperor that was able to soar through the nine heavens.

Sitting on top of the giant dark beast were two individuals. One was a devilish handsome youth who looked around ten years old. He was very calm and sat cross-legged on the dark beast. He was wearing a long white robe.

As for the other one, he was around his twenties. He didn't look as calm as the other. He had an anxious look on his face.

\"Young Master, how much longer till we reach the Heavenly Demon Sect.\" Asked the anxious youth.

\"Don't worry Fang Lan, with our current speed, we will reach the Heavenly Demon Sect in approximately one day and a half.\" Answered the other in a calm voice.

These two individuals were none other Ling Chen and Fang Lan. As for the giant dark beast, it was created by Ling Chen as a way of transportation using his vast amount of dark true qi energy combine with his spiritual power.

Last night, after the five adorable babies including Hu'er, devoured more than half of the mountain of spiritual fruits and medicinal pills, they fell into a deep sleep which was what Ling Chen was after.

After putting them back into the white space within his sea consciousness and the room had regained its peacefulness, Ling Chen had decided to tell Fang Lan about the danger that the Heavenly Demon Sect was facing.

As he was kidnapped by Elder Zhuo and had no connection with the outside world, Fang Lan had no idea that the Yan Empire was invading the Heavenly Demon Sect.

After knowing that the Yan Imperial army was already in the Heavenly Demon Sect's domain and was making its way to the sect, Fang Lan wanted to rush to the sect in the middle of the night.

It was Ling Chen who stopped him and talked him down. Even if he were to make it to the sect, there's not much he could do.

That night, Fang Lan spent the whole night with his eyes wide open. He couldn't fall asleep knowing that the entire Heavenly Demon Sect was facing destruction.

When the morning came, he was the first one to wake up Ling Chen and asked him to quickly leave for the Sect. Even though he might not be that strong, he still wanted to be there and help the sect however ways he could.

At the same time, he also felt guilty. If he didn't get himself kidnap by elder Zhuo, they still would have been in the Heavenly Demon Sect's domain.

Furthermore, the young master wouldn't have to waste his time by traveling all the way to the Supreme Sword Dao Sect in order to save him.

Though he didn't say anything, he kinda blamed himself for the situation they were in.

\" Young Master, do you think we'll make it in time?\" Fang Lan asked in a quivering voice.

Fang Lan was well aware that Ling Chen had already broken through the legendary Martial Saint, as such, he was the only one strong enough to fight against the Yan Empire's Martial Saint if he were to make his move.

At the same time, he was beyond happy that Ling Chen had broken through the Martial Saint realm. Not only because their sect had finally given birth to a Martial Saint expert, but also because he was his subordinate.

Existences like Martial Saint powerhouses were people that little character like himself could only look up to.

\"Fang Lan stopped worrying yourself about things that are beyond your control. Your worrying won't make our speed increase. Your worrying won't change anything.\"

\"Furthermore, The Heavenly Demon Sect isn't some soft persimmon. The Yan Empire will regret declaring war on us. I won't let anyone sully the place that mother used to call home.\" As he said that, his eyes quivered with frightening killing intent.

Though Ling Chen didn't know his mother personally, he has heard about the sacrifices she has made for him as well as her bottomless and unconditional love for him.

Because of that, her mother became the person he loved and respected the most even though she wasn't there to raise him. She was also his reverse dragon scale, as such, messing with the Heavenly Demon Sect which was the only place he had to remember her by was the greatest mistake one could ever make.

\"Also, Just seat down and enjoy the ride. I need to concentrate in order to control this thing. If I lose concentration, the entire dark beast made of dark true qi energy will instantly dissolve.\" Ling Chen added.

\"Sorry, Young Master.\" Responded Fang Lan in an apologetic tone.


While Ling Chen was flying towards the Heavenly Demon Sect as fast as he could, the Yan Imperial army was a mere half-day journey from the Heavenly Demon Sect.

The Yan Imperial Army was comprised of more than 800 000 strong elite imperial soldiers. They were further divided into sixteen legions which were led by sixteen imperial princes of the Yan Empire.

Each Imperial soldier emitted a terrifying imperial momentum like a flood dragon flying in the sky. This scene was more than just majestic and awe-inspiring. There were hundreds of thousands of imperial soldiers. All of them were strong warriors with powerful auras.

The combine imperial momentum of the Yan Imperial Army was powerful enough to suffocate any peak Martial Venerable.

Furthermore, their motion was uniform and the earth shook violently from their heavy footsteps as they were making their way to the Heavenly Demon Sect.

They had an incomparable unity. It was as though they shared the same mind, heartbeat, and rhythm.

As they were marching toward the Heavenly Demon Sect, they cried out: \" The Yan Empire is everlasting and invincible.\" Their chant was like a tsunami that shattered the sky and shook the Heaven and Earth. Even peak Martial Venerable realm warriors would be scared out of their wits if they were standing here.


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