Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
138 The Angry Ling Wei
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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138 The Angry Ling Wei

Seeing how Ling Rui was able to instantly kill hundreds of wolves with a snap of her fingers, a surge of battle intents erupted from the bodies of the others as they started to kill more demon wolves. It was if they didn't want to be outdone by Ling Rui.

This was even more true to Ling Wei, he became more brutal.


"A true warrior fight with their bare hands." Roared out Ling Wei as his left hand grabbed and smashed the throat of the nearby demon wolf.

Then, like an aquatic dragon coming out of its cave, his right hand executed a spear hand strike, which has the strongest penetrating force.

The next moment, his right hand penetrated through the head of a demon wolf like it was a piece of a paper. With a 'bang' noise, a large hole appears in that demon wolf's head. Everything inside the head has even been shattered by the shock of the strike.

However, other demon wolves still kept on rushing out nonstop towards him. At this moment, he was surrounded by a sea of demon wolf.

It was clear that the demon wolves were prepared to destroy him and the rest of them no matter the cost.

Despite being completely surrounded, there wasn't even a trace of fear in Ling Wei's eyes. Instead, he was smiling as if he was enjoying it.

He became more ferocious and bloodthirsty the more he fought. Inadvertently, his body carried a ferocious presence and had a murderous aura.

This aura became even more corporeal. His gaze caused others to feel as if there was an ancient prehistoric beast watching them, giving rise to goosebumps.

"Come again, that's not enough." Ling Wei crazily screamed again.

Meanwhile, the surrounding demon wolves begin to attack him even more madly.

Clawing, biting, tearing, they resort to every possible means. Countless wolf claws are slashing at his body. However, they weren't able to leave a scar on his body. It was as if Ling Wei's body was made of metal.

Some of the wolves even lost their fangs when they tried to forcefully bit Ling Wei.

"Your teeth are too soft, don't even dream about leaving a mark on this flawless skin of mine." Yelled out, Ling Wei.

At the same time, the sound of bones getting broken was heard. A demon wolf fell on the ground for good with a ruptured throat. It even wails for a while before dying.

"Here I thought Ling Wei was the most serious and normal one, he's simply a battle maniac." Murmured Ling Chen as he was watching Ling Wei bullying the poor demon wolves in the most brutal way possible.

He could have used his earth elemental power to kill a lot of them easily just like Ling Rui and the rest. Yet, he chose to kill them with his bare hands.

Whether it was Ling Shen, Ling Bing, or Ling Zheng, they were too lazy to fight the demon wolves head-on.

They just used their power to kill them before they could come near them, especially Ling Bing

The land of over two hundred meters ahead of her was turned into an Ice Domain. Whether it was the grass or the small plants, they were all covered with a thick long and large block of ice.

Icy coldness filled the area, as well as astonishing frigid qi. Everything was frozen over to the point where... blue snowflakes appeared and began to fall.

This was an Ice domain!

This was... Ling Bing world!

The moment the demon wolves stepped foot into that ice domain, they would either freeze to death or be killed by the numerous Ice spikes that were erupting from beneath the ice domain every now and then.

Whenever there would too much frozen and dead demon wolves within the ice domain, Ling Bing would simply wave her hand and the hundreds of frozen and dead demon wolves would explode to bits, sending frozen chunks of blood and gore out in all directions.

"Now, it's your turn little kitty." Ling Rui said after she was done killing the other hundreds of demon wolves.

At this moment, the leader of the demon wolves was all alone with the other two 7th rank demon wolves.

Finished speaking, Ling Rui walked toward the three demon wolves and then stretched her cute little hands and performed a grabbing gesture toward the leader.

As if it could feel a huge threat coming from Ling Rui's grabbing motion, the leader of the wolf pack quickly moved away.

Its body had, indeed, moved away from where he had previously stood, but, for some reason, it nearly fell down after the dodging movement.

Then the leader of the wolf noticed that his right front leg had mysteriously disappeared. In the next second, his missing right leg appeared in the hand of Ling Rui.

When he saw his right leg had been amputated and stolen by the little girl, the leader let out an angry roar.

At the same time, the other demon wolves that were attacking the others left and made Ling Rui into their ultimate target.

One could clearly tell that the leader was frightened by Ling Rui's weird ability.

"I don't have time to play with you guys." Uttered Ling Rui as she waves her hand, then space cracks' swept the area, violently crushing and disintegrating any demon wolves which got in her path.

At this moment, The three demon wolves had lost all their arrogance and high-spirits, which they have shown at the beginning of the fight. The army of hundreds of ferocious had shrunk to a mere twenty.

Once Ling Rui was done killing the dozens of demon wolves that were blocking her path, she didn't stop there.

She continued to perform grabbing gestures with both her hands towards the rest of the demon wolves. And every time she did, some weird object would appear in her palms. Bloodily, sloppy, and sticky, no one would be able to identify where these organs came from in the wolves' bodies.

But no matter what kind of organs appeared in her palms, in the end, they always exploded and turned into meat paste as one demon wolf after another was falling on the ground howling in pain, some of them even died on the spot.

While Ling Rui was having fun plucking the internal organs of the demon wolves from their bodies with her space power;


Ling Wei's body suddenly leaped forward and turned into a golden light as he pounced towards the demon's wolf leader and rammed into its body. The demon wolf was too occupied with Ling Rui to see Ling Wei coming.


A subtle yet loud bang reverberated out followed by the sound of bones being crushed. After taking such a huge blow from Ling Wei, the once strong and confident demon emperor cried out in a horrifying matter. His sturdy body was sent flying away like a kite.

Bang bang bang...

The demon wolf's leader had no control over its body. After smashing through dozens of trees, its body finally landed on the ground twenty meters away, blood pouring out of its mouth like a waterfall. There was a huge crater where the demon wolf's leader had landed. It moved its body slightly before finally dying.

"How dare you call off minions and focused on attacking my sister alone instead of me, do you think I'm too weak." Coldly uttered Ling Wei with an angry look on his face. He was truly mad at the demon wolf's leader. He was like a kid that had his toys taken away from him while he was having fun.


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