Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
160 The Most Wanted People In The Divine Demon Beast Region
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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160 The Most Wanted People In The Divine Demon Beast Region

Looking at Ling Lei standing in front of them, not to mention Ling Zheng, all of them were surprised when they saw him.

"It seems like I was still unable to catch up with big brother Ling Lei again." Blurted out Ling Zheng with a defeated look on his face.

Unlike the girls, whether it was Ling Wei or Ling Zheng, they were both competing to be the strongest.

It was for that reason that Ling Zheng has been hunting demon beasts non-stop for the past three years which allowed him to quickly break through the 6th Tribulation Martial Saint.

After receiving the message from Ling Lei to come back to the secret base, he was looking forward to seeing him and Ling Wei so he could rub his strength on their faces.

He was able to do that when he met Ling Wei. They even sparred a little and he effortlessly mopped the floor with Ling Wei which made him happy for a while.

As such, he couldn't wait to see Ling Lei and do the same thing to him. However, once Ling Lei appeared in front of him, his breath was caught in his throat.

After not seeing him for over three years, Ling Lei had become even more unfathomable. The momentum that rolled off of him left him alarmed and horrified.

The more he stared at Ling Zheng, the more amazed and flabbergasted he became.

Ling Zheng's strength was almost comparable to that of Divine Father before he left the Divine Demon Beast Region, a 9th Tribulation Martial Saint.

Looking at the expression on both Ling Zheng and Ling Wei's faces, Ling Lei couldn't help but laugh as he said." Hahahaha, I see you guys look disappointed that you weren't able to surpass me, but don't worry you will soon be able to catch up to me. Unless Divine Father is able to break the shackles and pave the way for us, I won't be able to break through the next stage."

"Hahaha, can't wait for the day when I can beat you and mop the floor with you as I did with brother Ling Wei." Replied Ling Zheng as he looked as Ling Wei with a mocking and teasing smile on his face.

"Enjoy your victory while it last brother, next time I'll beat the shit out of you and show you who's the true warrior in this family." Answered Ling Wei with a determined look on his face.

"Hahaha, can't believe you let that little runt Ling Zheng beat you, brother Ling Wei." As one of the most mischievous one, Ling Shen didn't want to miss the chance to make fun of her big brother Ling Wei

Soon, they all started bickering and making fun of each other while ignoring Ling Lei's presence or why they were here in the first place.

"Alright enough of the pleasantries, I have called you all here today because we are all in danger." Ling Lei suddenly said with a grave voice.

At the same time, his expression became solemn and his playful attitude has also completely disappeared.

His pair of golden eyes gazed at the others intensely; they became extremely frightening as if they were capable of swallowing all things.

Meanwhile, strands of black lightning were coiling around his body like spirit snakes. The others could feel the suppressive aura that was capable of destroying all things coming from his body.

Even though he tried his best to hide his powerful aura, but even the little strands of black lightning coiling around his body was enough to make them realize just how powerful he had become.

Upon hearing Ling Lei's stern voice as well as seeing the serious expression on his face, they suddenly stopped all their bickering and became serious as they simultaneously shifted their gaze towards him.

Seeing that they were all paying attention to him now, Ling Lei continued speaking." Three days ago, I along with Ling Rui was being followed by a 7th Tribulation Demon Saint."

"When demon beasts weaker than me felt my presence, they usually ran away as far as they could. However, this one didn't, instead, it was following me secretly for a whole day which was kinda odd. It was as if he was looking for my base."

" As such, I decided to hunt it and kill it in order to read its memory to find out the reason why it was following me along with Ling Rui and that's when I found out about that we were all in grave danger and called all of you back here."

"According to the memories of the 7th Tribulation Demon Saint, all the demon beasts in the Divine Demon Beast Region are currently looking for us because the Nine Beasts God put a price on our head as well as rewards for information of our whereabouts."

"I couldn't find any information as to why they were looking for us but I have my suspicions."

Upon hearing Ling Lei's, they all became quiet. They were stunned with their eyes wide open as they looked at Ling Lei.

The Nine Beasts God, these nine powerful demon beasts was like thunder in one's ears. They were like legends, especially in the Divine Demon Beast Region. They weren't real Demon Beast God, but they were no less prestigious than one.

They were the true overlord of the Divine Demon Beast Region. Even Divine Father didn't want to mess with them.

The Nine Beast Gods were the most powerful demon beasts in the entire Divine Demon Beast Region. They were very mysterious and hadn't acted or interfered in the affair of the Divine Demon Beast Region for the past hundreds of years.

If they did, then they did it in the shadow. They were like divine beings that appeared and disappeared without any trace. Even when the members of the clan were killed or went to war with other clans, they wouldn't act or show themselves.

It was also because of that they didn't care or worry too much as they hunted and killed many powerful demon beasts left and right despite the Divine Father telling them not to cause too much trouble and attracted the attention of the Nine Beast Gods.

Before they could have a chance to catch their breath, Ling Lei suddenly shifted his gaze towards Fang Lan and dropped another piece of bad news. "Furthermore, aside from looking for us, The Nine Beast Gods along with all the demon Beasts in the Divine Demon Beast Region are also looking for a Dragon who they believed possess a pure divine bloodline."

"Me!" Fang Lan was simply too dumbfounded to speak when he heard Ling Lei's last sentence. After a while, he managed to calm down. He took a deep breath before speaking: " Brother Ling Lei, what are we gonna do now."

Not only Fang Lan, whether it was Ling Zheng and the others, they were also looking at Ling Lei. Before Ling Chen had left the Divine Demon Beasts Region, he had put Ling Lei in charge of them while Fang Lan was the second in command.

As such, Ling Lei's words kinda represented Ling Chen's will. No matter what he decided to do, they have to follow him.


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