Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
167 Buddha Miracle Temple
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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167 Buddha Miracle Temple

After curing the old man, Ling Chen spent another two hours walking around aimlessly looking for a place to rent or to buy.

Even though he was currently in the poorest and the most populated region of the Blue Dragon City, all the houses and shops were built in a neat and orderly fashion. It didn't look as bad as one might think.

Ling Chen didn't want to buy a place that was on the busy main road. There was simply too much noise and the streets were simply too crowded with people all the time.

Ling Chen wanted to buy a quiet place that was away from the main road and all the noises. He wasn't only going to use that place just for his base of operation, he intended to use it as his own house as well and spent all his days there until he left. As such, he wanted to get a nice and quiet place.

After a few hours of walking around, Ling Chen started to get discouraged. As he was about to give up and returned to his Inn, he suddenly stumbled into a small alley that was located in between two small buildings. After hesitating for a moment, he walked straight into the small alley where he miraculously found a small shop that was for sale.

"This place is perfect." Murmured Ling Chen as he was looking at the small shop with a slight smile on his face.

Without any hesitation, he walked into the small shop. There were two levels to this shop. It looked very clean and neat. It wasn't too big nor too small.

In front of the counter was a drowsy and sleepy middle-aged man who appeared to be the shop owner.

"What do you want?" Asked the middle-aged man in a lazy voice as he raised his head to look at Ling Chen. His eyes still contained a blurry and drowsiness and were half-opened.

"If you come here to sell me stuff and scam me with that fake ass Monk outfit, you came to the wrong place." With a little interest in his face, he lazily added after seeing the appearance of Ling Chen.

"Benefactor, How much do you want this shop," Asked Ling Chen with an amiable smile on his face. He didn't really care about the middle-aged man's attitude, he just wanted to but this place as fast as possible. It was the perfect place for him.

"It's 20 000 gold coins. No more no less." Answered the middle-aged man with an annoyed look on his face.

It's already been six months since he put this shop for sale and no one wanted to buy it because of its location. Most people only wanted to buy shops and businesses that were located on the busy main road or on the side of a busy street, not one in a small dark alley void of people.

Furthermore, that fake ass monk looked as if he was up to no good. As such, the sleepy middle-aged man wanted to scare him away with that astronomical price so he could go on with his boring and depressing life.

However, while he was waiting for the fake monk to run away after hearing the price of the house, something unexpected happened.


He only saw the monk waved his hand before a large bag filled gold coins appeared in his hand which he dropped on the counter in front of him.

"There are 20,000 gold coins in this bag. You can count it to verify benefactor." Ling Chen added with a smile on his face.

" This is?" Seeing the huge amount of gold coins in front of him, the middle-aged man suddenly stood up and the initial drowsiness was dispelled completely.

At the same time, his eyes were opened wide to the point where they almost popped out from his eye sockets from shock. The middle-aged man was aghast while he stared at Ling Chen in amazement. He had never seen that much gold coins in his entire miserable life.

"Benefactor, arent going to count them to make sure its the right amount." Ling Chen asked again as he was looking at the greedy look of the middle-aged man with a slight smile on his face.

"No need, it's enough." Answered the middle-aged man after regaining his wits. After he handed over the deed of the house to Ling Chen, he didn't dare to linger for even a second as he took the large bag of gold coins and ran. He was like a mouse that had just seen a cat.

He was afraid that Ling Chen was going to change his mind. The shop didn't even worth 10,000 gold coins. The reason he said it was 20,000 gold coins was so he could quickly get rid of that fake monk. he never thought that he was going to buy it for real.

Seeing how the middle-aged man quickly escaped after taking the money as if a plague was approaching, Ling Chen could only shake his head. While 20,000 gold coins might be a huge fortune to the middle-aged man, it was nothing to him.

In fact, ever since he was born, he never got the chance to appreciate or see the real value of money because he never had to work hard for it. To him, they were nothing but pieces of metal.

After the middle-aged man had left, Ling Chen decided to take a look inside the small shop. Aside from the first floor, there was another floor on top. They were both empty and didn't have any shelves or furniture inside. However, they were both clean and in good condition.

Once he was done checking out the whole place, Ling Chen created a nice looking small tablet for himself. Using his Light True Qi energy, he wrote the words " Buddha Miracle Temple" in cursive. After he was done, he hung the small tablet in front of the small shop and went inside.


Just like that, a full day has gone by and no one came to visit his small temple. However, Ling Chen didn't look discouraged because he knew that it's only a matter of time before this place became pack with people.

Knock! Knock!

On the second day, while Ling Chen was still sleeping on the second floor of the small temple, he suddenly heard someone knocked on the door. Without going to down, he scanned the area with his powerful spiritual sense and saw a little girl accompanied by a sickly lady at the door.

'Hehehe, my first patient." Murmured Ling Chen before he washed up and disguised himself as the old bald monk again and went down.

It seemed like the advertisement by his first patient yesterday morning started to work. As for his location, he wasn't worried because he knew that people would find it sooner or later as the previous owner of the shop would brag about how he sold his shitty shop for a large sum of money to a stupid monk.

"Amitabha. Benefactor, what brings you this early to this poor monk's Buddha Miracle Temple?" Asked Ling Chen as he placed his palms together like a respectful and accomplished monk with a compassionate smile on his face.

"Sir Monk, can you same my mother?" Quickly implored the little girl in a small and childish voice. The little girl looked as though she was around ten years old.

Aside from looking malnourished, the young girl seemed as though she hasn't taken a shower in ages. Her face was covered with dirt.

Upon hearing the little girl's request, Ling Chen quickly looked at the young woman next to her. The young woman was about 27 or 28 years of age and was wearing ragged clothing. For some reason, the young woman's eyes seemed lifeless as though she was nothing but an empty shell. She looked like a walking corpse.

"Please sir Monk, can you cure my mother? I heard from the people in the market that you have supernatural power and can cure any sickness." Said the little girl as she was looking at Ling Chen with a pleading look on her face.

"Don't worry little girl, this poor monk will take a look at your mother's illness." Answered Ling Chen with an amiable smile on his face as he invited them into the small temple


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