Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
183 The Incoming Bloody Feast.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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183 The Incoming Bloody Feast.

Just like Ling Chen had predicted, the moment they heard that he had the last key of the Great Luo Martial God Tomb in his possession, every single person within the main hall suddenly went mad and became agitated.

The entire main hall became chaotic as numerous guests let their powerful and terrifying aura went wild.

At the same time, they were all staring at Ling Chen like a bunch of hungry wolves. It was as if Ling Chen was a piece of fat meat that everyone wanted a bite of.

They then surrounded him, not leaving behind a single gap for the possibility of escape.

The only person who didn't lose her composure or became agitated when Long Bai mentioned that Ling Chen had the last key of the Great Luo Martial Tomb was a middle-aged woman who seemed to be the envoy of the Sun God Palace.

That woman had no fluctuations in her expressions despite hearing the fact that the Monk was Ling Chen in disguise or the fact that he had the last key of the Great Luo Martial Tomb with him.

Other than her, everyone was looking at Ling Chen like a group of predators eyeing their prey.

Ling Chen appeared to be like a lost lamb as he was facing so many powerful experts within the main hall. He was like a drowning man surrounded by hungry sharks that were ready to swarm him once they smelled blood.

Though they seemed to be blinded by greed, none of them wanted to make the first move because they understood that Long Bai was just trying to use them as tools and cannon fodders to test Ling Chen's strength.

Furthermore, Ling Chen's calm demeanor made them feel as though something was amiss. There wasn't a hint of fear on his face. Such a person was either very confident of his strength or was arrogantly stupid.

Though they knew that Long Bai had purposely dug a hole for them to jump down, they were unable to stop themselves because the temptation of the last key of the Great Luo Martial God Tomb was simply too great. It was worth all the risk.

Meanwhile, Ling Chen was still as calm as ever as his gaze swept past everyone in the main hall Finally, his gaze stopped on Long Bai who was sitting on the seat of honor with Long Zhentian next to him.

Long Bai had a devious and scheming smile on his face as he was staring at Ling Chen. At the same time, his eyes were full of a murderous intent that resembled the cold glints of blades.

"So, this was your plan all along." Ling Chen asked with a slight smile on his face as he was looking at Long Bai.

"Wait until I get my hands on you. I'll show you the consequence of scheming against me." He added in a cold and emotionless tone.

"Hahahahaha! Little brother Chen, it seemed like you still haven't understood your situation yet." Long Bai said while laughing loudly. To him, Ling Chen's fate was already sealed.

All the people that gathered here in the main hall to celebrate his birthday party were all notoriously powerful.

The young geniuses were one thing, but the more surprising part was the great characters such as the great elders and the patriarchs of the ancient families.

In Long Bai's eyes, Ling Chen's demise was a foregone conclusion. He dug out the perfect hole for both parties to jump in.

Having said that, he then shifted his gaze towards the crowd as he said." Like I said before, Ling Chen really has the last key of the Great Luo Martial God Tomb with him. I'm sure you all understand the importance and the significance of that Key."

"According to the rewards issued by the Thunder Demi-God and the other Demi-Gods, whoever found the last key and gift it to them not only will become their direct disciple and successor, they will also take that person with them to venture in the Great Luo Martial God Tomb once it's open."

"So, the choice is yours now people. The only thing I'm asking is that whoever acquires the key to not forget our Long Family once you've reached the sky in a single bound." He added with a sincere smile on his face.

It was as if it was doing all that for them and not for his selfish desire.

Long Bai's words seemed to have made the atmosphere became tenser. At the same time, everyone drew out their weapons and gripped them tightly as they maneuvered to a better position.

Meanwhile, Ling Chen looked at them with a cruel smile on his face as he coldly uttered. " What are you guys waiting for. What he said before it's true, I truly have the key with me. So, come get it."

After saying that, a fifteen inches Golden Key inscribed with numerous mysterious runic inscriptions appeared in Ling Chen's hand.

The moment the key appeared, a faint mysterious ancient aura permeated the air as the key was glowing brightly.

For warriors who had reached their level of power, their hearts were as still as water. However, upon seeing the golden key in Ling Chen's hand, the spectating guests lost their composure as they were unable to bear it anymore.

Their eyes were glowing red. It was as if greed had completely taken over them. Some of them even drooled and salivated while looking at Ling Chen's hand.

Long Bai and Long Zhentian were both shocked as they abruptly stood up when they saw the golden Key in Ling Chen's hand. That was especially true for Long Bai, he didn't believe that person was telling the truth.

At this moment, whether it was Long Bai or Long Zhentian, their mouths were watering with greed towards Ling Chen.

"Hey kid, be smart and hand over the key in your hand to me. Having that key in your possession will bring you nothing but disaster." In the end, an old man who was unable to bear it any more stepped forward and confronted Ling Chen.

Chu Yuan!"

Seeing the old man that stepped forward, some of the spectators lost their colors.

Chu Yuan was not only the older brother of the Chu Family's head, one of the nine ancient families of the Sun Demi-God Domain, but he was also a ruthless character.

His hands were stained with the blood countless Martial Saint experts. He was known as the Executioner by the people of the Sun Demi-God. Almost all the warriors and influences that opposed the Chu Family were personally massacred by him.

Chu Yuan was a 7th Tribulation Martial Saint expert. He became a Martial Saint two hundred years go, but because his talent wasn't as good as his little brother, he wasn't able to improve anymore after breaking through the 7th Tribulation Martial Saint fifty years ago.

After knowing that he had exhausted all of his talent and potential, he spent all of this time mastering countless high-rank Battle Techniques which vastly increased his strength. Though he hasn't made any breakthrough in the past fifty years, his strength was truly frightening!

Looking at the old man in front of him as well as the other guests that were staring at him as though he was fat sheep, Ling Chen couldn't help but laugh till his eyes were narrowed before he said." It really seems like all of you think that I am nothing but a fish on a cutting board."

"So be it, since my cover has already been blown, it's time for me to announce my arrival to the Heaven Suppression Region in the most fashionable and grandiose way possible." He added.

Ling Chen was still so calm and comfortably cozy… It was to the point of causing Chu Yuan and the others to be alarmed.

"As for you, you are still too weak. If you want to take that key from me, you'll need to be at least Demi-God rank expert in order to stand a chance." Ling Chen coldly said as he was looking at Chu Yuan with a disdainful gaze.

Being looked down upon by a little kid, Chu Yuan was enraged as he unleashed his 7th Tribulation Martial Saint aura.

He was a dignified 7th Tribulation Martial Saint realm expert. His name alone instilled fears to millions of people, even the members of the Nine Ancient Families were no exceptions.

Yet, a little brat like Ling Chen that came from a backwater place dared to disrespect him and look down upon him. He couldn't accept that as he angrily shouted."Ignorant brat, this old man will......."

However, before he could even finish his sentence, Ling Chen simply flicked his finger toward him, and with "pop" sound, Chu Yuan was blown hundreds of meters away, crashing heavily into the wall of the main hall.

"Bang, crack!" The snapping sounds of bones breaking could vividly and soundly be heard as Chu Yuan's body crashed into the wall with blood flowing at the corner of his mouth.

Many people shuddered in fear after witnessing this scene.

"What the fuck!" Blurted out an old man. A finger easily knocked away Chu Yuan, a 7th Tribulation Martial Saint. What kinda strength was that?

They all knew how powerful Chu Yuan was, yet he was blown away with just one finger.

Meanwhile, Ling Chen didn't even bother to look at the bloody Chu Yuan to check whether or not he was dead or alive.

His cold and emotionless eyes were fixated on Long Bai as he coldly utter." It was foolish of you to scheme against me. I'll show you that in front of absolute strength, all schemes are meaningless."

"Hydra, it's time for your feast!" Ling Chen shouted.


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