Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
188 The Enraged Demi-God Ye
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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188 The Enraged Demi-God Ye

Due to the large noise caused by the Nine-Headed Hydra onslaught, almost everyone in the Blue Dragon City knew that there was a great battle going on in the Long Family Mansion.

At the same time, they all went out to see the idiot that was stupid enough to go against the Long Family in their own domain.

By the time went out, everything was done. However, upon hearing the majestic voice of Thunder Demi-God Ye, they all looked up to the sky.

Some of the powerful warriors instantly knew the identity of Thunder Demi-God Ye the moment they saw him. They were all frightened when they saw him. Their limbs went numb from fear.

Each of the Demi-God rank experts stood the apex of the world. They were the true ruler of the world. As such, aside from being frightened, they were also surprised when they say him.

Though Thunder Demi-God Ye didn't make any move yet, just his deafening voice was enough to strikes fear into the hearts of everyone.

In the void.

"I guess it's time to show you what it means to be a Demi-God." Thunder Demi-God Ye coldly said as he looked at the incoming Ling Chen with an aloof expression on his face. At the same time, he lifted his right hand into the sky and swing it toward Ling Chen.

His action looked quite simple and even foolish. However, following his action, the most horrifying event occurred.

The sky that was peaceful earlier suddenly turned dark red with a huge maelstrom at the center. At the same time, a massive rumbling sound could be heard from within the huge maelstrom as boundless lightning bolts also appeared in the sky out of thin air.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" The arcs of lightning washed the sky again and again and looked quite oppressive.

Simultaneously, an enormous sound like an enraged roar filled the sky. Hundreds of lightning bolts intertwined and merged together in the air up above, forming a huge chain of lightning as thick as a huge pillar with more than enough force to drill through the earth.

The huge golden pillar made of the hundreds of lightning bolts merged together fell down with intense destructive power, causing enormous pressure to bear down on the incoming Ling Chen.

Nonetheless, The pressure didn't cause Ling Chen to fall back. Instead, he began to laugh. A demonic-looking glow radiated from his eyes as he coldly said." So, this is the power of Law. As the Thunder Demi-God, you are able to call upon lightning on a whim."

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of civilians in the city also saw the scene in the distant sky. They were all aghast at the sight, their complexions rapidly changing.

As for Ling Chen, It would also be a lie if he said that he wasn't surprised by the sight of Thunder Demi-God Ye changing the sky and called upon lightning with just a swing of his sleeve.

However, there wasn't a hint of fear in his eyes. He looked at the golden lightning pillar falling down upon him with a slight confident smile on his face.

"However, this level of lightning power isn't enough to stop me." He added.

Instead of trying to dodge the attack, Ling Chen merely raised his right hand upward as he used his fist to meet the Golden lightning pillar head-on.

Before the golden lightning pillar, Ling Chen looked so small. He seemed like an ant trying to stop an elephant.

His speed was fast, extremely fast.

It was nearly like the speed of flowing light.

"This kid is dead for sure!" Some of the warriors who knew the identity of Thunder Demi-God Ye assumed that Ling Chen's fate was sealed when they saw his action.

"Boom!" Both Ling Chen's fist and the golden lightning pillar crashed into each other in an instant.

A shocking boom resounded in the sky and spread throughout the entire Blue Dragon City, causing the ground to tremble.

At the same time, the giant golden lightning pillar instantly collapsed into countless arcs of electricity that scattered about into the air above Ling Chen.

Seeing this scene, not to mention the people that were watching the fight in the distance, even Thunder Demi-God Ye himself was astounded.

His golden lightning pillar was strong enough to flatten a Nine Tribulation Martial Saint. But now, the bastard had had effortlessly broke it bare-handed.

Meanwhile, the powerful warriors that were watching the fight from afar had their mouths wide open, and their faces were crossed with astonishment.

"Not bad for an ant. Let's see how you don't stop that." Coldly uttered Thunder Demi-God Ye.

Having said that, he raised his hand into the sky again. In the blink of an eye, a shocking sight appeared in the sky.

Dozens of golden lightning pillars similar to the previous one appeared in the sky, lighting up the entire sky.

"So, this is the power of a Demi-God. They truly have the power to sweep through the world and destroy everything in their path." Murmured some of the spectators as they felt cold chills ran down their spines.

"He merely raised his hand and the law obeyed."A knowledgeable warrior murmured with yearning expression on his face.

Some of them couldn't keep their eyes open against this blinding radiance of the Golden Lightning Pillars. They didn't dare to stare straight at the move, let alone seeing Ling Chen clearly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

With a wave of his hand, the engulfing golden lightning pillars came crashing down upon Ling Chen with enough force to annihilate everything.

There was no escaping or avoiding this wave of golden lightning pillars. They came flying towards Ling Chen in an unstoppable manner. It looked majestic and never-ending like an apocalyptic lightning flood - capable of destroying everything in this world.

Though this attack from the Thunder Demi-God Ye carried extreme speed and destructive power, Ling Chen didn't seem to be afraid of it at all. He didn't even try to run away.

"I've told you before, this level of lightning power won't work on me, no matter how many of them you created." Coldly uttered Ling Chen as he was looking of the ocean of golden Lightning Pillars descending upon him as though it was judgment day.

These words surprised everyone, and they all felt that Ling Chen had become crazy just because he stopped one attack.

This was the projection of a Demi-God, it was even countless times stronger than a Nine Tribulation Martial Saint.

Without hesitation, Ling Chen lifted his right palm and casually pointed it towards the incoming golden lightning pillars.

Buzz!" The instant he did so, a world of darkness emerged under his five fingers.

"Rumble!" At the same time, the most terrible black hole in the world emerged in front of him and a power that seemed like the cold emptiness in the world erupted forth from within the black hole.

For the first time, Thunder Demi-God Ye's expression changed after seeing the terrible black hole created by Ling Chen.

Meanwhile, a powerful suction force came from the oval-shaped vortex in front of Ling Chen and instantly swallowed the dozens of giant golden lightning pillars.

Upon witnessing this scene, everyone was shocked as they were standing there in silence not knowing that to say.

It was as if time and space had stopped, and time no longer flowed.

Meanwhile, Thunder Demi-God Ye's mouth was wide open, his facial features were stiff, and his mind was in extreme shock.

His eyes, as if they had been frozen by the scene before him; the flash of white light was still flashing in his eyes.

What was that power?

Was he not only a Nine Tribulation Martial Saint? How come he could wield the power of Law?

Not only Thunder Demi-God Ye, but all the experience warriors watching the fight from afar had also all wore terrified looks on their faces.

While Thunder Demi-God Ye was still in a daze, he didn't notice that Ling Chen had suddenly disappeared from his initial position.

By the time he realized it, Ling Chen had already appeared right in front of him with his giant dark claws sharp enough to cut through space and severing everything in the world.

"Take this!" Yelled out Ling Chen as he ruthlessly slashed his giant claws straight for the head of Thunder Demi-God Ye.

As a Demi-God, Thunder Demi-God Ye was undoubtedly powerful and had many years of battle experience. In the face of Ling Chen's attack, he instinctively raised both of his hands as he attempted to block it.


However, under Ling Chen's powerful claw attacks, both of his arms were shattered as he was sent flying hundreds of meters away in the sky.

"No way, this little bastard could even injure the projection of a Demi-God."Witnessing this scene, countless experience warriors were in disbelief.

They gasped after they witnessed Thunder Demi-God Ye having his arms shattered by Ling Chen's attacks.

Even if it was only the projection of a Demi-God, it was still enough to suppress many Nine Tribulation Martial Saint simultaneously, let alone one.

An existence like a Demi-God's projection could easily kill a Nine Tribulation Martial Saint. As for the Martial Venerable and Martial Sovereigns, they were nothing but ants in their eyes!

"How could this be?" At this time, many of the warriors that escaped the onslaught of the Nine-Headed Hydra felt their hair standing on end as cold chills traveled through their spines.

They couldn't believe they were trying to rob a person like that.

A knowledgeable Nine Tribulation Martial Saint that was watching the fight in the distance softly sighed and said: "This kid is too heaven-defying. He clearly hasn't broken through the Demi-God Rank, yet he seemed to possess the power of Law."

Meanwhile, Thunder Demi-God Ye's expression was twisted with rages and his eyes turned ferocious with a murderous intent capable of lacerating the flesh which even caused the spectators to feel pain.

Even though this body was still a projection, it was still a great humiliation to him as a Demi-God.

"Today, I want to tear your limbs apart!" In a wrathful outrage, Thunder Demi-God Ye pounced towards Ling Chen with a Golden Lightning Spear in his hand.

The heaven and earth shook along with Thunder Demi-God Ye's angry roar.

As his body wasn't real and was made of Lightning energy, he was able to grow his arms back.

Looking at the enrage Demi-God Ye, Ling Chen revealed a smile and said: " Even with your main body, you couldn't do that, let alone that weakling projection of yours."

Even though Ling Chen's words seemed a bit outrageous, no one dared to doubt his power after what happened earlier.

As for Thunder Demi-God Ye, his eyes were filled with rage. In fact, Ling Chen's words rang true to his ears.

From the exchanges earlier, he could clearly tell that he couldn't kill Ling Chen with his projection. Even with his main body came, it would still be pretty difficult to kill him because of that black hole power.

"Time to end this!" Having said that, Ling Chen suddenly released God's Domain. Even though he couldn't trap Thunder Demi-God Ye inside for a long time, just a split second was enough for him to absorb his energy and soul power.


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