Destined Lovers
12 Chapter 12: Real Feelings & Our Happy Ending
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Destined Lovers
Author :kookieelor
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12 Chapter 12: Real Feelings & Our Happy Ending

Meera got irritated seeing Haru surrounding with full of women. "Jerk. Playboy. Bastard." Someone whispers her ear. "Who is?" Meera startles. "Uncle." "What?" He looks at the same direction as Meera. "Wow. He's popular nowadays." "I don't care." "Really? You said, jerk, playboy, bastard. And you're glaring at him." She turns to her uncle and hits him. "Uncle." "Okay. Okay." Meera looks at Haru then left. "Meera." "I hate parties. I'm going home." "Okay."


Haru sees Meera leaving. "Excuse me ladies." Haru left the women and follows Meera. As soon as he caught up with her, he calls her name. "Meera." She turns around and sees him. "What is it?" "Where you going?" "Home." "Let me—" "No need." She turns around and left. Haru wasn't sure why she's in a bad mood.

As soon she gets home, she walks tot he garden. She sits down in the bench and sighs. She looks up at the moon and the stars. "What's wrong with me?" "I wonder to." She startles and turns around. There was Haru. "Haru. What are you going here?" "You seems like you're in a bad mood." "It's nothing." She gets off the bench and head inside. Haru grabs her hand. "Meera. What's wrong?" "Nothing." "It's not nothing. Tell me." She bit her bottom lip. She shakes his grip off of her. She looks at him.

"...I heard you're getting married." "Yeah.(with you)" "is she pretty?" "Yes. (Of course you're pretty?)" Haru got confused. She hits him. "Jerk." Haru startles when he sees her in tears. "Stop being nice to me." She runs away. Haru stands there dumbfound. (What did I do?)

Meera locks herself in her room. She refuses to see anyone. (I send him letters but he never once wrote back. Haru, you pig head.) She cries all night.

Next morning, Haru comes to visit Meera but the maids told him that she's out. "I'll wait for her so don't mind me." They nods and continue their work. Haru sighs. (What's wrong with her..? Like she doesn't...wait...could it be that she doesn't know we're getting married?) He calls her on the cellphone but it leads to her voicemail. He sighs again.

Soon he hears the car engine. He went to check and it was Meera who just come back. "Meera." She looks up and see Haru. She ignores him but he blocks her way. "Move." "Lets talk." "I have nothing to say to you." "But I do." "But I don't so move." He grabs her and pulls her close. "Let go." "No." "Let go. I said let go." "I love you." Her eyes widened. Tears fell down on her cheeks. "Meera. I seriously lo—" she pushes him away. "Meera." "You're getting married, so leave me alone." As she turns around, he hugs her from behind. "The person I'm going to marry is you, you stupid." Her eyes widened. (What? Me?) Haru continues, "We've met before but you probably don't remember because you were traumatized. But it's okay. I still remember you." He lets go and and she slowly turns around to look at him. He wipes her tears. "No matter what, I choose you." "Really?" "Really." "Even if I'm stupid?" He laughs. "Yeah. I still choose you. So..." haru gets on one knee. "Meera Zhan, will you marry me?" She smiles and nods. They hug each other. She whispers, "I love you, Haru." Haru's eyes widened. He hugs her tightly. "I love you ever since we were kids."

The end.


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