Hurricane:A Flash Story
30 Welcome to Team Flash
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Hurricane:A Flash Story
Author :BrightBubbles
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30 Welcome to Team Flash

I run to the nearest store and get a journal. I pay in cash and run out. I'll use this to write down new things about my powers. I go to the warehouse. I change when I get there. I grab a pen, sit down and document what I already know.

"I can condense water molecules in the air and control it. I can also mimic powers but it's only temporary. I'm going to time how long it lasts. I touched barry Allen at 12:17 am."

When I wrote that I realized how late it is. I have to sleep. I have work tomorrow and I don't want to be late. I am going to monitor my powers and see if I need to adjust anything. I get up and almost pass out.

"What in the world…" I think to myself.

Before I leave I try to think of what could be making me feel like this. Then I realized it was probably the fact that the flash's speed also speeds up everything in my system including my metabolism. I need to eat more food if I'm going to use his power. I run to an alley near a gas station so I could get snacks. I end up buying $100 worth of food. I eat it all before I go to sleep. I don't know if I can afford to keep using his powers for long.

When I wake up I go to the warehouse first. I want to go to star labs and see if they need anything. When I get there I make sure my mask is secure. I see Caitlin and Cisco talking to Barry and they seem worried. Before I walk in I try to determine my approach. If I want to be friendly or strictly business. I try to listen to what they say.

"Barry just because you trust hurricanes doesn't mean we should. She could be dangerous."

"She's not dangerous."

"How do you know that?"

"It's a feeling. You guys don't have to trust her but you have to trust me. She isn't dangerous."

"He's right… I'm not dangerous." I say walking in.

"I'm trying to help people. Whatever you think of me is irrelevant. But I am trying to find someone and I can't do that on my own. So I am asking for your help."

One thing I've learned while being an officer is make sure people think things are their ideas and they will do whatever you want. They stay in silence while I wait for an answer. Until Cisco speaks up first.

"I believe you... What about you Caitlin?"

We are all looking at caitlin. Caitlin looks around and shrugs looking me directly in the eye while saying

"I might as well."

I give her a cold stare back. She seems like a badass. Barry breaks the silence by saying

"I guess you are officially on the team. Welcome to team flash."

Dr. Wells rolls in.

"Welcome indeed. I have a feeling you are going to fit right in."


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