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I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
Author :Morning Star LL
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1139 A Peculiar Peace

Chapter 1140 Amazing Peace

The UA couldn't sit still anymore.

When the death toll of CIB agents reached 51, the UA ambassador headed to Xin for a meeting with Jiang Chen. At this time, the number of casualties on the Xin side just surpassed 40, still far from the 100 casualty limit Jiang Chen set.

In the office on the top floor of Future Building, Jiang Chen met UA's ambassador Holman. Due to the fact that only Holman was visiting and it was not a formal visit, the meeting did not take place in a conference room.

There was no small talk or formality, the middle-aged man with a hooked nose just sat down and stared into Jiang Chen's eyes.

"What do you want?"

"Just cleaning up our garden." Jiang Chen shrugged and smiled.

Jiang Chen's understatement made Holman take a slight pause; his aggressive expression suddenly froze on his face. His anger gradually began to spread from his mind to the rest of his body.

Cleaning up your garden?

Cleaning up your garden!

When did UA's post in Asia become your garden? 50 lives are just nothing in your eyes?

However, the sly smile on Jiang Chen's face made Holman's anger dissipate.

As a diplomat, he would never show his expression. And instincts told him that the man in front of his eyes seemed to be angering him deliberately? Although he didn't understand Jiang Chen's rationale, Holman didn't want to let his plan succeed.

"It will be meaningless for us to continue this stupid war. I come with peace in mind and to negotiate with you. I hope that Mr. Jiang can cooperate." Holman looked straight into Jiang Chen's eyes and said, "I'm going to be straightforward, what are your conditions?"

"Our conditions?" Jiang Chen smiled and said unceremoniously, "Tell your people to pack up and leave, then this war will naturally end."

Even if Holman had the best manners, he was furious.

His face gradually turned gloomy, and the man with a hooked nose snorted and said in a menacing tone.

"Do you think just because we made concessions to avoid a war in the Western Pacific Ocean, we will always be humble? Are you taking yourself too seriously?"

Holman's rhetoric was clever as he described changing the course as "a concession to avoid war." Although it didn't change the fact they backed down, it did add some momentum to the negotiating process.

 It was a pity that Jiang Chen did not take the subtle threat in his words seriously.

"It's not that we take ourselves too seriously," Jiang Chen smiled and looked at Holman, and responded with directness, "but you are overestimating yourself. My conditions are already on the table, if you want to stop the war, you can withdraw."

After a pause, Jiang Chen looked at him with a sly.

"Of course, if you feel that my proposal is unreasonable, let's continue to fight and determine a victor."

The negotiation broke down.

Or rather, Jiang Chen never expected to resolve this issue through negotiations.

Nippon was the front post of the UA in East Asia. As one of the strategic cores of in Asia, the UA would never give up on the grasp of this location. However, Jiang Chen was not in a hurry to negotiate with them. Now, Future Heavy Industries was working with Sumitomo Group to build the magnetic levitation highway. When the entire Yoto road network became Celestial Trade's network, CIB agents better start praying.

When Jiang Chen watched Holman get up and leave, he touched his chin and said thoughtfully.

"It's very strange. If the UA really wants to negotiate with us, they shouldn't have just sent an ambassador."

As the office door closed, Ayesha's figure surfaced next to him. She was there from the beginning. Before Holman came here, she was discussing sending additional Ghost Agents to Nippon.

"They should send the Secretary of State?" Ayesha asked.

"Yes." Jiang Chen, with his hand still on his chin, was thoughtful. "This is very unusual."

Kerry didn't come, but someone he never heard of did.

In terms of negotiating, did Holman even have the right to negotiate on behalf of the UA?


Three days after the negotiations with Holman broke down, the situation in Nippo changed dramatically in a peculiar way.

CIB agents who were originally active in Tokyo seemed to have received some kind of signal, and suddenly stopped their aggressive counterattack and completely went into hiding. Not only did they suspend contact with members of the right-wing party and some pro-UA leftists, but they even stopped tracking Xin agents.

On the other hand, the clues controlled by Ghosts Agents also became dead-ends.

As if overnight, the CIB agents hid into darkness.

This peculiar peace lasted for three days.

The Nippon National Police Agency was finally relieved. Although it didn't know how long this peaceful period would last, it was a good start. Every time the bodies of "foreign friends" were dragged out of dark alleys, it must spend countless efforts to take care of the aftermath...

Although it was ten o'clock at night, the lights in the office of the mansion on the east side of Coro Island were still on.

Jiang Chen glanced through the report Ayesha gave him, thought for a moment, and then abruptly asked.

"Did something happen in the Capital?"

Sitting quietly on Jiang Chen's thigh, Ayesha lowered her head and looked ashamed.

"We... have not received any new intelligence for the time being. Sorry..."

Xin National Intelligence Agency's penetration into the Capital had been extremely limited. Although Ghost Agents could freely enter and exit the country, it had been difficult to infiltrate into the country's political network. Jiang Chen must admit the UA established powerful anti-espionage capabilities.

"Don't be too self-blaming, this is not your fault," Jiang Chen gently lifted the porcelain-like face and comforted. "A few days later, when Future Heavy Industries' shipyard is complete, I will stay for a bit in Celestial City and then make a trip to Lunar Colony. Do you want to come with me?"

The sapphire-like eyes suddenly brightened, but they quickly dimmed.

 Full of regrets, Ayesha whispered.

"I can't leave."

Although CIB's actions in Nippon seemed to have subsided, no one can guarantee that this peculiar peace will last. As the chief instructor of Ghost Agents, she must take command in Coro City.

"That's also true," Jiang Chen looked at Ayesha apologetically. Then gently stroking her hair, he said, "I will bring you souvenirs, is there anything you need?"

Ayesha just stared at him with her pristine, watery eyes.

The sensual atmosphere gradually dissipated the silence lingering between the duo.

After he read the true feeling hidden in her eyes, she immediately understood that she didn't want a "souvenir" at all, but a "consolation." So, he smiled and turned off the lights with the touch of a button on his holographic watch.

The last light source in the mansion disappeared as the night shrouded.

The bright moonlight scattered its ray on the pristine body.

Sweat drenched the desk, wetted the chair, and damped the wooden floor. In this office filled with scholar atmosphere, an unfitting story began to unfold among the books...


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