IGN Luna
17 Dinner
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IGN Luna
Author :Pineapplesmith
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17 Dinner

-Congratulations to player for

reaching the 20th wave-

"Log out."

-Logging out means player will

forfeit the chance to continue the

challenge, your current score shall

be entered into the rankings.-

"Oh ok, and keep my stat

allocation the same please."

-Initiating log out-



Riya's VR cabin opened with a metallic ding, as she hoped out.

She tested her limbs with a light stretching exercise. Making sure no problems came with the use of VR kit.

After feeling satisfied with the results, she went to have dinner. Her mom was laying out the dishes, while her dad was tasked with the kitchen utensils.

Riya helped with the preparations, as they started their dinner.

"Soooooo, how was the game?"

Both parents were looking at the chopstick-wielding Riya, as her mom started the conversation.

Although those in United West mainly used knives and forks. Riya was adamant to use her chopsticks, much to the amusement of her parents.

"I'm surprised there's no problems

after playing for 2 hours.

Also, how did they even manage to

bring in all 5 senses into the game?"

A cheerful Riya readily replied to her mom's question. Though her answer did receive a confused stare from her dad.

"2 hou- wait. What wave of the

challenge did you reach...?"

"20th, I'll challenge it after dinner."

"...That's my girl. Already beaten her

12th wave old man."

The shocked Mr Astor have a dejected sigh. Mrs Astor could only give her husband a helpless smile.

"Aww come on dear, getting to the

12th wave is amazing enough

already .

Riya's skills in combat is just too

unusual, no offence Riya."

Used to her parent's usual banter, she thanked her parents as she left to challenge the 20th wave this time.

But before she left, her dad turned extremely serious as he said to Riya.

"Riya, your score has made the public

go nuts after seeing your score.

So don't go pass the 21st wave


And remember to not tell

others of your IGN in public."

Seeing her dad being serious this time, she gave a serious nod back.

"Yep, got it."

5 minutes after Riya left the room, the two parents looked at each other.

"Ethan, how big was the uproar?"

"Massive, they're like a beehive

searching for 'Luna' right now."

"That's our Riya.

Luckily it was dinner, before the

problem could unknowingly escalate."

"Kids right? Surpasses us before even

turning into a teen."

"Nope, that's just Riya."


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