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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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1 How it all begin

A burning pain registers to her body and she was unable to suppress a pained groan.

She slowly opens her eyes, only to find herself lying in a narrow, dark and enclosed space.

Her nose could detect a faint scent of medicinal fragrance.

What's happening?

MuRong tries to circulate her internal force –

Even Spirit Sovereign could see things even in the dark.

Suddenly a piercing pain wrecks through her.

It's as if a scalding energy is tearing through the meridians throughout her body to the point that they could break down at any time.

"Ah –!"

MuRong cries in agony and collapses, cold sweat soaks her body from the intense pain.

What happened exactly?

She remembers that she had just finally reached the eighth stage.

Gu QianYi, her close friend, helped her find a Immortal Body Pill in order to assist her to step into the first realm of immortal cultivation.

" You are finally awake. I thought that I wouldn't be able to see your expression when I finally make use of you." said person in the shadow.

It sounded very familiar but she couldn't remember. The pain was too much.

" You know, it's tiring to always pretend to like you when you are so stupid. Even your child was used by me because of your stupidity."

It was her closest friend, Gu QianYi. She couldn't believe that her friend would do that.

"Now that you are dying I can let go of all the things I had to keep for the last three years. Your child was killed by me, used for very ,hmmm, delicious elixir, it was really helpful for my cultivation. "

Her cruel words spread to her ears. She couldn't grasp how could her friend say something like this. How could she hurt her innocent dumpling? The pain intensified. How could she let her child be killed and then be friend with the killer?

Her tears were dripping on her stained clothes. She was in some kind of furnace. Probably the same furnace as was her little dumpling.

"You shouldn't be very sad, the bastard cried for only two hours or so... You will be tortured for longer." Laughed Gu QianYi.

Her laugh teared her heart. It was her fault her dumpling was dead. Her fault for every death caused by her for her friend. Her fault she will die unjust dead. Her fault little dumpling died unjust dead.

The blood in her vains started to pump faster. Her daintian started to expand.

" If I die, you will go to the hell with me" said MuRong with hoarse voice. Her anger helped her with her last wish. She exploded and with this died everyone withn her proximity.

"Ah-!" sounded the last cry of Gu QianYi. And with that come peaceful ending for MuRong.


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