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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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2 Awakening to crazy world


Intense pain surged through her body. Everything hurts.

Shouldn't I be dead?

Why does it hurt even after death?

MuRong couldn't see anything. It was too dark.

Did she survive? Did Gu QianYi not die? Disappointment filled her. The only thing she could do right and she failed it.

She tried to move her fingers slowly. Then her arms and legs. Everything was alright. She did not explode.

Then....what happend?

"What will we do with her? Grandfather will be angry if he found out that we killed her." voice from afar said.

Kill her?! She survived and someone wants to kill her?!

But....what reason does she have to live? Wasn't it better if she was dead?

"No! She must disappear from my sight. I tolerated her long enough! She must be gone!" voice said.

"Then what should we do?" another person asked.

"Don't you know what should be done with a trash? Take it out! Moreever, from now on grandfather will never again have the ability to say anything. " chills run down MuRong's spin from the cold evil voice.

Slowly the creak of the door sounded in the quite room that MuRong occupied. Light come from the opening of the door.

"Well, good morning b****.How did you sleep? Good?" asked the person in the door. It was the first wifeof her father Di XianZi.

What is she doing here? I didn't see her for last three years. Didn't she want to kill me because I was obstacle the last time I saw her?They told her that Grandfather knew about the baby. She told her that granfather is furious and wants to get rid of her. Only now does she know how stupid she was.

Grandfather loved me the most and even if he wanted me dead he wouldn´t want to see me be tortured by these witches .

The thoughts of her little dumpling brought her great pain. How she wanted to take everything back and start all over again.

"You are really disgrace of this household ,you know? My daughter is million times better than you, you aren't worthy to even to carry her shoes. So why should you be darling of the grandfather? Your mother was b**** and like the saying goes, like mother like daughter . Now grandfather wants you dead, do you like the feeling of being only dirt on the shoes?" laughted Di XianZi.

" Where am I?" asked a quite voice of MuRong. The anger building inside of her was slowly increasing.

How dare they scheme against her grandfather? He was nothing but good to them!

"You shouldn't be so surprised. You have fallen pregnant and you are not even married! You should be ashamed of yourself! And you are only what? Fifteen years old?" said Di XianZi while she was making herself comfortable on the armchair the guards brought for her.

Her daughter Di HuaLuo was standing behind her with arrogant expression. She looked more at easy when her mother assured her that her grandfather can do nothing to her from now on.

...fifteen?! Did I hear right?! But... I should be eighteen already!

Did she go crazy? No. Did Di XianZi go crazy?

That is more likely possible....


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