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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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3 New Beginning

MuRong looked around herself.

She was in some kind of prison. There was no window and the light only came from the small gap between the door and the floor.

Looking around there was nothing besides one chair. She was hanged on the wall opposite to the chair. Di XianZi has long ago went away after cussing her.

She still couldn't believe that she is fifteen again. She has her little dumpling back. Her small bump is visible. She should be around four months pregnant. MuRong knows it isn't possible but she could feel her little dumpling move around in her belly. Happily snuggling in her safety.

That´s how it should have been....God gave her second chance and she will not waste it on insignificant people.

Her Dumpling is the most important.

She still doesn't know how can she get out of here, but she knows that for her dumpling's good she will do anything.

In her last life because they imprisoned her, her baby almost died. She was under a lot of pressure and they abused her verbaly and physically. It almost cost her miscarriage. At the end they got rid of her, they just throw her deep in to the forest and let her die like that.

Just like that she met Gu XianYi. She considered her, her saviour.

Not again. Noone will harm her little Dumpling.

She has to get away from here.
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