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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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4 Escape

It was hours maybe days, or maybe she just really wanted to go to pee, but noone was coming through the door. It was quite and peaceful in her cell. She had time to think.

The result was....she come up with nothing. Even if she could get out of her shackles she has no way out of the cell.

No guards , no Guan QianYi and no help came.

She was in this only with her Dumpling.

The door slowly creaked and a big muscular guard came to her.

"Here..." said the guard and throw her water in her face "...you have to live in order to experience hell.Hahaha..." laughed cruelly.

It send chills down her spin. She has to survive. She has to protect her Dumpling.

The guard came closer to her and with his smelly breath blowed in her face." Such a pretty little thing. It is pity I can´t have fun with you. But...we can enjoy ourselves in different way." said the guard.

When he came closer enough MuRong slammed her head againts his and with all her strength kicked him in his groin. The guard colapsed from all the pain.

Finally....she almost puked from his breath.

Now she only has to get out of the shackles. She learned this technique when she was in Forbidden Land. It is very risky and very painful,but...she will do anything.

The pain in her wrists was not as bad as when she was cooked in furnace. Her bones from her fingers to her wrists were slowly turning into liquid she could feel her inner energy being devoured. Like water her hands flowed from her shackles.

This technique is handy but it will take time until her hands have solid bones in them.

After banxiaoshi her bones were once again solid. It was relief that nobody came and the guard did not wake up. They probably thought that he is having fun with her.

MuRong took the keys from the guard and searched him for some valuable things to use on her journey. She only found some knives and sword, a little sachet of money and one filled bun.

It was more than enough. Now she is ready for her journey to better life.


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