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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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5 Freedom

With the biggest caution MuRong opend the door.

On her right there was a sleeping guard. Probably thought that it is waste to look after pregnant woman.

What a presumption. Doubting a pregnant lady.

With a quick slash she cut his cervical artery with a knife. Quick and silent death. He should thank her that she did not have the mood to play.

She lost a lot of time. She has to move and fast.

With her qing gong she moved at fast pace through the dungeon. She met only few guards and they died at her hands without alarming others.

She took few of their things. Like money, food and storage rings for everything. She noticed that her clothes are dirty and bloody so she borowed the armor of the smaller guard. Like this she can escape unnoticed.

She put her hair in a simple man bun and properly wore the armor. On her tummy it was a little tight but overall it was perfect disguise. Wipping her face a little she looked like a young soldier ready to go on battlefield. She hoped noone will recognize her. Putting helmet on her head she walked calmly through the passage leaving death and blood splatered behind her.


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