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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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6 Phoenix ring

@@Escaping from the Di household was relatively easy. Even though her cultivation is only First Stage practicer she has ruthless pchysical training from her past life.

The moment she was near the gate some guards stopped her. She can not kill them in such an opend space. It would not go unnoticed.

One of the guards yelled at MuRong while pointing his sword at her :" What the hell are doing here? Main wife Di gathered all guards at the room of the Old Master, so what is your reason for being here? "

So everyone , even the guards are loyal to the Di QianZi. Noone will help her nor her grandfather. They are even helping Di QianZi.

Who was the one who employed them, fed them and payed them? Grandfather was never bad to anyone and if someone needed to help their family or got sick he would help them. How dare they take advantage of her grandfather's kindness!

I promise grandfather I will come for you, someday...I don't think they will kill you straight away. It would raise too of a big suspicion. Moreever they still need grandfather to get to the treasures of the past generations that are passed from one generation to another. For some time they will let him live and will try to get to it.

Pity for them....these treasures are in MuRong´s possession.

Grandfather gave them to MuRong when she was eleven. Said to be aware of the danger of Di QianZi. Everything is in the storage ring her grandfather gave to her. It is phoenix ring. It will open only to the rightful heir.

Lucky her.



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