Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
7 Mysterious Cave......Underwater
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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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7 Mysterious Cave......Underwater

MuRong was silent for a long time and those raised suspicion of guards.

" The Madam send me to do top secret mission. You wouldn't want to anger Main wife Di, would you?" said slowly but very convincingly.

The guards know of the methods of the Di Madam. They would rather not anger her and end up without head.

Slowly making a way they allowed MuRong to pass by them. It was like a big stone dropped from her heart. She was finally free.

Speeding up her pace she went straight to the forest not hestitating for a second.

Running through the forest she didn't look behind her for a second not wanting to waver in way.

Branches scratched her, leaves stuck to her, torns scrapped her. She couldn't go on anymore. Going through the thickly grown forest she came to a beautiful lake.

Water crystal clear, waterfall slowly descenting on to the water making ripples of waves on the surface. The beautiful site took her breath away, she never saw such a natural beauty.

The natural mirage broke the sound of horse galopping. It was very near and by the sound of it there were about twenty people ridding a horse and thirty soldiers stalking the terrain.

The first thought of MuRong was they found me.

There was nowhere to hide. No holes in the ground or under the rocks. She couldn't just climb up the trees, she was pregnant afterall and she shouldn't risk trying to climb the rocks near the waterfall either. If she slipped and hurt her baby the second time she wouldn't forgive herself.. With nowhere else to hide she jumped straight to the pond.

Underwater was another world. Clear water helped her to clearly see what was everywhere. There were fish swimming around her calmly like she was one of them, it was colorful sight to see. Not one of them was the same. It was like rainbow under the water. Aquatic faunas were everywhere trying to find food. Water algae was swaying with every move of the water. It was magical sight.

Swimming around she tried to find cave of some sort. Usually cave would lead to way out. Maybe there can be air buble in the cave.

The fish lead her to a rock wall very thickly grown with algae. Trying to uncover the algae she found opening of some sort. It was only black hole but she believed in the water creatures.

Swimming endlessly she was almost out of breath. Black spots appeared in her vision.

No it can't end like this. Her little dumpling wasn't even born yet. How can she not live?

When she was almost unconscious hand reached for her and pulled her up. She had no strength to resist.


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