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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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8 Bunch of Tattle Hens

"Do you think she died? " something poked MuRong's chubby cheek.

"Don't be stupid, she has just used a lot of Spiritual force. It's natural that she sleeps a little longer."

"Hush, don't wake her up. She is such a little cutie."

"Really?! We should have just let her be. What if she spills information about our whereabouts? Huh, then what?"

"Enough!!! At this rate you will wake her up! You should focus more on your cultivation rather than disturbing her rest."


Nothing. There is nothing here. Only black void space.

Everything is unfamilliar. Cold. Unfriendly.

"Mommy, what are you doing here?" sounds from behind her.

Turning around she spots little chubby boy.

Such a cutiee. Wanna eat him up.

But.....her little Dumpling will surely be cuter than this little angel.

Wait a second...did he just called me mommy?!

"Sweetie, are you lost? Did you lost your Mommy?" said MuRong whilst picking him up.

"Mommy, do you not recognize me? Do you not want your little Dumpling anymore?" little boy's eyes started to water.

You just can't say no to a little angel like this. Well, it wouldn't be bad to have this angel as a kid. Little Dumpling would have a sibling.

When the boy saw her thoughtful look he said determined"Mommy, it is really me, your little Dumpling. I am still in your tummy! I am your little Dumpling!"

MuRong shocked did not know how to react.

But... how is it possible? When I look at him he looks nothing me!

"But... why don't you look more like me? You don't look like me, not even tiny bit! Not fair!" with petulant pout MuRong begrudgingly answered.

"Besides, how is this possible? That I can meet you?" MuRong didn't meet her little Dumpling after birth. She doesn't know how he looks like. Right after birth he was stolen from her.

With sad sigh she chased away the gloomy thoughts.

Little Dumpling heard her sad sigh and said "Don't be sad mommy, your dumpling is here and everything else will be better. We can meet in here because I am a little extraordinary. I am developed enought to comunicate with you. But for now it is very limited, it takes a lot of power to speak to you and at the same time healing you."

So her little dumpling is so talented. "My little dumpling is the best." said MuRong whilst hugging her son tightly.

"Quickly go back! Why are you then speaking to me if it's consuming so much of your power. What if something bad happens to you? "

"Isn't it obvious? I couldn't wait to meet Mommy!"


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