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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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9 Bunch of Tattle Hens II

@@Emerging from the darkness MuRong started waking up.

"Hey ZhengSheng, she is starting to wake up!"

"Don't let her wake up to your ugly face. She will be scarred for life."

"Stop arguing!"

"I want her as daughter-in-law."

"Yes? And where is your son?"

Opening her eyes MuRong saw five grandpas hovering above her. A little shocked and little uncomfortable she started to get up.

The grandpa on her right started stopping her. "No don't move, you lost a lot of energy. You should rest."

"Don't be scared. We are not trying to harm you. We saved you." the one on her left said.

MuRong was lying on very comfortable bed. Around her were five grandpas each in robe of different colour. They were hovering above her anticipating something.

"What happend?" said sweet voice of MuRong which could appease even restless soul. Her expression of just awoken little child was adorable. She was rubbing her eyes with her little fist.

"Soo cute. Come to grandpa, he will....." the one beside him punched him in the abdomen and said with bored expression "Don't be perverted old man."

" But I can't help it.... I am AhCheng." said the old flirty grandpa and hugged her.

"The one saving you is GuiWei." said the one on her right while GuiWei restrained the old flirty grandpa Cheng.

"And I am YuanJun." yelled excitedly the man before her. He is really a man full of Joy. If someone looked hard enought they would see his imaginary tail wagging.

"I am ZhengSheng." said grandpa next to her. Probably calmest of them all. " and the one who is bored but secretly curious is ZhiQiang"

"We are elders from the Cave of Tranquility."



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