Monster Collector
1 It Begins!
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Monster Collector
Author :Cool_Cone
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1 It Begins!

In a lush green forest teeming with life crawling with all sorts of creatures, a young man named stone was clenching his palm over a glowing blue cube, his breathing slow and steady trying his utmost to stay still. Stone was hiding behind a tree while slowing peering into the tall grass from time to time. Suddenly the tall grass rustled revealing a medium-sized salamander with the constitution of a snake's, it was covered in a glossy green scale-like appearance. Upon seeing this boy was filled with anticipation while holding a blue cube tightly in his hand.

'Croikey! that's a Scaled-Serpentes, it been the only large creature to appear in the last few hours, guess its now or never.' Stone thought while shaking with excitement

Suddenly Stone made his move and stepped out of his hiding spot, aiming his arm quickly and sloppily he threw the blue cube towards its direction, the creature unaware of its surroundings was too late to react and as a result was hit squarely on its head then the blue cube started to expand quickly covering the creature forming ethereal blue thick rope like nets that stretched and expanded slowly latching onto it, however, the green-scaled creature had grown enraged as its scales glistened and had already started its counterattack, as it started thrashing violently, slamming itself on the ground and lashing out on the trees. The blue ethereal net started slowly turning to a hue of red but unfortunately for the creature, even with its thrashing, has already been consumed by the net like rope and was engulfed into a single blue blob that had stopped moving altogether.

A few seconds went by and the glob had turned white, started glowing brightly then after a few seconds stopped glowing and had started to slowly morph back into the cube shape, however, now the color had changed as it was now glowing white. Stone slowly went to pick up the cube and hugged it tightly to its chest and started kissing it like an idiot.

"Thank gosh i succeeded in my first try i could only afford one of these" Stone said tearing up slowly cradling the cube. Then he had started incoherently rambling, he started thanking his parents, his 5th-grade teacher and his fans that didn't exist. After his incoherent ramblings, Stone recollected himself and then excitedly he tossed the cube, the cube started glowing a blinding white light before dimming and released the creature before rebounding back into stones hand as a cube again, and once out the captured green scaled serpent-like salamander turned towards Stone to look at him curiously

Stone stared intently into the creature's eyes before running up to it and jumping to give it a hug however as the creature easily dodged him making Stone hug the ground, huffing in disdain the Scaled-Serpentes snorted out in obviously disdain exhaling from its nostrils

"C'mon don't be like that Pat" stone said whining while positioning himself to sit upright.

The creature obviously unimpressed by his goofy owner and seemingly unsatisfied upon his naming sense had turned its back on him before plopping in the ground to snore a peaceful nap.

'I think i got a dud.' Stone thought sorrowfully, but before Stone started to sulk about his stubborn new pet he suddenly thought about what his father taught him before he went to explore the world.

'It's pretty stubborn and prideful, maybe i can trick it doing something for me' stone thought as he narrowed his eyes into thin slits while stroking his non-existent beard. Then he stood upright breathed puffed air into his chest and then said while pinching his nose shut

"Pfft whatever, i didn't need trash i bet you can't even hunt a small Hobbit, also you smell " and for good measure, he also stuck his tongue out at the creature.

Patrick the Scaled Serpentes suddenly opened its eyes and turned towards Stone while narrowing its eyes towards his master and had started staring daggers at his direction, although it couldn't understand him he could feel that he was being taunted by his new goofy looking master.

"What? I'm not wrong am i Patrick? I bet you couldn't take out that Porquent over there" Stone said provocatively pointing towards the stray rodent covered in spiky quills, the Porquent was chewing on grass minding its own business.

Looking at his master's dumb gaze and his finger Patrick understood one thing, his master was saying he had less worth then that rodent! he felt insulted and shifted his anger toward the innocent rodent.

'As if that dumb rat could match up to me!' Patrick thought.

As if to prove to stone he was superior to the Porquent Patrick slowly turned towards it and started to lower his center of gravity then his eyes expanded slowly before he had started changing color. Before long Patrick had perfectly blended to his surrounding

'He can camouflage? Cool!' stone thought to himself excitedly

Slowly but surely Patrick was approaching the Porquent, even stone lost track of his scaley companion. When Patrick was 1 meter away from the Porquent the rodent had become alert as if it could sense Patrick and then proceeded to curl into a ball and had its spikey quills stand on alert making it appear like a brown sea urchin.

However, Patrick simply scoffed and revealed himself then he narrowed his eyes before starting to glow and then he lashed out his tail to hit the Porquent, its tail lash was so fast it was nothing but a blur up until it hit the poor Porquent, Patrick had hardened his already tough scales and then lashed the poor creature onto the ground making it unfurl and lie on the ground weakly.

Obviously, the poor rodent had not expected this result as its quills usually repelled most predators. Unfortunately for it, Patrick was not most predators and had swiftly dispatched the creature.

Before Patrick could finish off the Porquent Stone had already tossed another similar cube used to catch him but this one was of a cheaper quality as its glow was dim but it worked pretty much the same, the cube had turned from a dim turquoise cube into a thin blue ethereal noodle like net slowly capturing the Porquent. Unfortunately for the Porquent its injuries were too severe for it to struggle and eventually the net turned into a dim glue glob slowly becoming grew and morphing back into a cube. The cube, now a dull grey, was now lying on the ground

Patrick was still staring at his goofy owner in disbelief as if surprised his master had any semblance of intelligence.

Stone then stared at the dumbfounded lizard and pocketed the new companion, as it was too injured to even move he decided against releasing him and triumphantly snorted at this salamander evidently taunting him,

Patrick snapped at his daze and waddled to his goofy looking master

'Could it be he accepted me already' stone thought expectantly and when Patrick was close enough he headbutted stone and turned his back on him snorting in disdain pissed it was tricked

'Guess not' stone thought disgruntled before getting up and taking out Patrick's cube and sucking him back up. As soon as the Salamander-Serpent was back in his cube Stone focused on Patrick's cube and in his consciousness the status of Patrick had appeared.

Name - Patrick

Species - Scaled Quad-Serpentes

Status - Healthy

Mood - Pissed

BP - 5 (90%)

Loyalty - Thinks of you as Dirt

Abilities - Bite, Tail Lash, Stiffen, Camoflouge

'Wow, what a drama queen' Stone thought annoyed while rolling his eyes. 'This thing is still quite something look at those abilities, but strange, i have never seen BP before what is it?' stone thought wracking his brains.

Stone had been born into an average family and had left recently to journey the world, however unbeknownst to anyone he had been born with a unique ability in which he could analyze the monsters he came in contact with, though limited was still pretty unique to him, however, up until now he had never seen BP.

Then suddenly stone had an epiphany, 'its must mean brownie points and the more i have, the sweeter they'll be!' Stone thought childishly 'Yeah that's gotta be it!" he thought triumphantly then he set his sights on the second cube, which unlike Patrick's cube was grey.

Name - Porquent (unnamed)

Species - Porquent

Status - Weak

Mood - Confused

Bp 2 ( 10%)

Loyalty - Thinks you are its mother!

Abilities: Curl, Charge, Roll

'I see, so basically, this one isn't a complete weenie like Patrick. I think I'll call it Cosmo!' stone thought evidently quite proud with himself, then the name section blurred

Name - Porquent (Cosmo)

Species - Porquent

Status - Weak

Mood - Confused

Bp 2 ( 10%)

Loyalty - Thinks you are its mother!

Abilities: Curl, Charge, Roll

"Neato!, but why are his brownie points so low?" however Stone had decided there was no use in thinking about it as Cosmo was too injured at the moment and put away the cube. Stone then set up camp as the nearest city was an hour away and it was getting late.

"A week in and i finally have a foothold into this grand world, time to rewrite history," stone thought seriously furling his eyes together in an effort to look cool, however for some reason stone had brought colorful sets of pajamas and was wearing a white fluffy set making him look like an overgrown child, if anyone normal person were to see this boy with those serious eyes in a set of white fluffy pajamas that person would be dying of laughter.


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