Monster Collector
2 Ain“t that new?
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Monster Collector
Author :Cool_Cone
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2 Ain“t that new?

In a lush green forest, the sun had started to rise and the sound of heavy breathing and grunts was heard throughout the forest, a boy was monotonously doing one-handed pushups switching arms with every rep. Eventually, the boy was covered in sweat breathing heavily but was breathing at a steady pace struggling to keep himself up any longer, not quite done he switched over to practicing basic boxing sequences now that his body felt heavy, by the time he was lying on the floor, panting heavily and irregularly, the sun had long since set and the sky was a vibrant blue sky radiating the essence of peace and tranquility.

This diligent boy was stone and the moment he completely recovered he had lost his aura of discipline and any diligence he once radiated had long since faded leaving a goofily smiling sweaty stone.

'i lasted one-minute longer than last time' thought stone quite proud of himself, yes, this was the same goofy stone that confused Battle Points with Brownie Points. The discipline shown briefly is only when he's training his foundations, as collecting monsters is quite a dangerous profession quite obviously one had to be fit and half-assing your foundation could cost your life, so naturally, his father drilled this training and discipline into Stone to the point it was as natural as breathing for Stone.

Eventually, stone struggled to get up and started stretching his entire body one last time before he stripped and jumped to the nearest lake, he sunk to the bottom leaving bubbles on the surface not too long after he resurfaced gasping for air. Stone then swam back to the shore feeling refreshed after washing off the dry sticky sweat. However, before he completely left he bumped his toe on a rock and let out a blood-curdling screech leaving Stone to grab onto his leg his toe was injured on.

"Curse you and your ancestors, just wait till i start training with boulders ill be sure to give you the triple shoe beating ya dumb rock!" Stone shouted furiously at the rock while hopping on one leg and clutching the other. Unfortunately, though lakes typically never have tides, stone happened to have a large wave ride behind him while he was distracted and it crashed into his entire body after the tide receded stone was laying face down in sand cursing wilding at the rock that caused him so much suffering even though he knew it was inorganic he still could not help but glare at the rock. But he noticed something blue right next to it, it was a sapphire ring with a Chinese dragon intricately carved into it.

'whoah, that's pretty cool' stone thought absentmindedly before scooping it up and wearing it on his pointer finger, then he went back to where he left his camp to see a small Porquent bandaged on his sleeping bag napping covered in gauze bandages. Right after he set up camp he had patched up Cosmo let him sleep in his bag with him since it was pretty domesticated and it wouldn't heal in its cube anyways as it stopped time for the creature inside.

Patrick, however, was still contained in the cube and though one would attribute this to his disobedience and arrogance, it was mainly due to the grudge Stone still has in his heart for being denied a hug. Stone quickly changed into cargo pants with a white T-shirt he had in his hiking bag then scooped up Cosmo with one hand, the one wearing the ring, while he was still sleeping to start rolling up the sleeping bag with his other free hand. But while Stone was still in the middle of rolling up the bag his ring and Cosmo started glowing and then heard a bright ringing in his head.

- Ding!

- Extract rime essence from ring? Y/N

"Yes?" Stone sheepishly answered still perplexed to what was even going on, then slowly a chilly blue ethereal energy in the glowing sapphire ring started flowing into Cosmo, after of which lead to the crumbling of the ring that turned to dust.

'aww' thought stone remorsefully over the destruction of his cool looking ring.

- Cosmo's status updated!

- New evolutionary path available

- New species of Porquent created, will you name the species?

'huh? a new evolutionary path, a new species?' thought stone completely dazed and in deep thought while slowing furrowing his brows.

- You took too long!, will generate species name now, Polar Porquent.

- Descriptions now available, Evolutionary sub-branches unlocked

- Graded potential now available!

- To check these changes please refer to the instruction manual

'What just happened?' Stone thought with an arched eyebrow, then he turned to look to at Cosmo who had undergone a qualitative change, his rough brown coat was now white, his eyes a hazel brown now a baby blue and his dark-colored quills were now grey with blue tips.

'Ok now that's definitely new, maybe if i just-' Stone thought while concentrating on Cosmo, which this time was an instant.

Name - Porquent (Cosmo)

Species - Polar Porquent - (New!)

Status - Healthy

Mood - Tired

Bp 2 ( 10%)

Loyalty - Thinks you are its mother!

Abilities - Curl, Charge, Roll, Poison Discharge

Evolutionary Branches (New!) - Greater Polar Porquent, Polar Plycanthrope

Description (New!) - ( This species of Porquent is a possible result of a regular Porquent had they evolved to survive sub 0° temperatures, however as a result are more hearty than their regular counterparts that live in the forest. Polar Porquent's have hard pointy chilled quill tips that release a unique poison that freezes the blood of its prey, however, this is a controlled mechanism by the creature itself and this discharge is usually done when their quills have penetrated the flesh of their prey. These creatures are different from their herbivore cousins and like meat.)

Graded Evaluation (New!) (F-) Pathetically weak, rongeur dégoûtant Ptue!

Stone's eyes widened over this wall of text and gently placed down cosmo to only then quickly rush over to his bag to pull out a pure white cube and released Patrick, and subsequently was treated with the cold shoulder, however, Stone was too busy fixated with concentrating on Patrick and then.

Name - Patrick

Species - Scaled Quad-Serpentes

Status - Healthy

Mood - Pissed

BP - 5 (90%)

Loyalty - Thinks of you as Dirt

Abilities - Bite, Tail Lash, Stiffen, Camoflouge

Evolutionary Branches (New!) - Greater Polar Porquent, Polar Plycanthrope

Description (New!) - The Scaled Quad-Serpentes is a species that are usually the apex predator in a relatively peaceful forest in an area inhabited by weak peaceful creatures, these things overpower their prey with pure strength alone and can harden themselves to deal with creatures to lash their tails on that generally most predators can't deal with, they also like fish.

Graded Evaluation (New!) (F+) Still pretty weak, Ptue!

'This makes no sense, how did this happen, will it happen again?' thought Stone before realizing how futile these questions were, 'this thing never made sense, to begin with why bother thinking about it now?' stone thought while exhaling a deep sigh out loud then disregarded his confusion with a shrug, afterward he thought about the graded evaluations and wondered why Patricks was so low, he could understand Cosmo's but Patrick? He concluded it was the judgment of whatever he was in possession of.

After snapping out of his daze he felt a trembling on his left leg and to Stone's surprise was a trembling Cosmo strongly gripping on his leg looking at Patrick with fear and caution, possibly traumatized of his beating. Stone Sighed upon seeing this and put pressure onto Patrick's containment cube that engulfed him leaving a much calmer Cosmo who was now trying to climb onto his "parent", Cosmo's efforts left Stone goofily smiling and with an idea, he took out a small bag and put Cosmo in it then the little guy poked his head out cheerfully. Stone eventually finished packing up and took out his map towards the next city

"Off to Rose City!" Stone said cheerily which lead to Cosmo squeaking out loud also quite cheerfully by his waist.


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