Monster Collector
3 Chance encounter!
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Monster Collector
Author :Cool_Cone
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3 Chance encounter!

On his way to Rose City, Stone found himself in front of a girl who was unconscious and she was easily the ugliest godforsaken thing he has ever laid his eyes on. He found her over the distance as the clothes she was wearing was flashy and reflected the sun brightly. From the looks of it she seemed important, or at the very least quite wealthy.

Stone, of course, being the gentlemen he was did everything in his power to somehow make the world a better place, he put down his big hiking bag down and rummaged through it looking for a pair of something, not too long after he plucked out a pair of silky white gloves and put them on. He then put the mini bag with Cosmo on top of his hiking bag and motioned at his monster companion with his pointer finger on his lip. Stone then started to tiptoe close to the poor looking girl and reached towards her … bag, yes Stone was making the world a better place for himself.

Her bag was a pink messenger bag with expensive looking jewels encrusted on it. He rummaged through her bag and found half a dozen lesser capture cubes with a faint blue dim and at least two premium ones that had a pure blue glow. He tiptoed back and placed them in his huge bag, stone repeated this process and found some monster tonics, an ether powered watch, mp3 player, headphone, and some mint gum.

'Finders keepers loser' Stone thought to himself while suppressing a mischievous snicker. Cosmo was down at stone with the look a mother would give to their misbehaving son, Stone, of course, ignored his judgemental Monster companion.

'As papa always said' thought stone, as he started flashing back to a memory

" Never help a woman, *hic* stone, once you do you'll end up with a dumb kid *Hic* and crushed dreams," The tall burly man said with a red face.

'Papa was always so wise' stone thought to himself while sighing a nostalgic longing, for exactly what in that scene, even the gods themselves do not know.

Stone had picked up his bag and held a small cosmo on his shoulder who was begrudgingly eating a chicken flavored biscuit that Stone had bribed him with, and had started walking towards the main road back opposite of Rose city as it might be suspicious to go towards the nearest city after having robbed, no taken charity from this good Samaritan, but to be safe he decided to head to cherry city all the while humming to himself in a cheerful tone as he moved further and further away from the repulsive girl.

But then Stone had suddenly stopped in his tracks when he heard a rustling sound he turned his head around towards its source, it came from the tree the girl was under, then a large serpent was its way down from the tree towards the girl's direction slowly changing its color from the perfectly blended bark brown to a golden scaled appearance. Seeing this Stone could do nothing but sigh and shake his head, a good-natured samaritan was going to eat a terrible meal.

'Thanks for destroying the evidence danger noodle' stone thought nodding his head approvingly, then he shrugged and walked further away.Then Stone felt a sharp prick come from his hand, he looked down to see a glaring cosmo, and not even a second later was cosmo eating another chicken flavored biscuit seemingly bribed yet again.

But things, of course, never went Stone's way. The large Serpent, as a thick as a log with beautiful yellow scales glimmering under the sunlight opened its jaw at a near 180-degree angle before stopping a meter away and did a double take before closely staring at its prey, it then backed away and started searching frantically for other prey, the reason was simple, this young girl was so horrendous and nauseatingly ugly that the serpent would rather give up easy food in search for something better.

He then caught Stone in the distance, with his back turned the serpent leisurely walking away. The snake ignored the poor looking girl and turned towards Stone before slithering towards him, its scales blending with its environment ready to devour his newfound prey.

Before long he was behind a Stone of which then completely stood still, as if aware of its presence. Of course, this should be impossible as its presence was completely hidden and had perfectly blended with its surroundings, but stone taking his bag off and pushing it off to the side with a cosmo hidden in there told the creature otherwise. The serpent caught on and removed its concealment to rush the young boy becoming a blurry yellow mass in the process. In a flash, the large serpent was not even a centimeter away from Stone before its carnal instincts told it to run and hide, but it was too late as a loud boom resounded and Stone's fist collided with its thick skull in an instant, this punch knocked the creature into a nearby tree leaving a deep imprint on the bark. Stone pulled back his hand slowly and shook away the numbing pain on his hand, if a passerby had seen Stone, they would have noticed the speed of his punch breaking the sound barrier, he had used a technique taught by his father called the Mach 1 punch. Where his father learned an ancient assassination technique in a world dominated by monster trainers is unknown but the most plausible explanation is that the technique was created in the era before ether technology and monster companions. Of course, these things weren't of Stones concern as he learned this technique because it looked cool after seeing his father execute it once.

Stone then noticed that the serpent was struggling to stay conscious and concentrated on it to see its status.

Species - Greater Tree Serpent

Status - Critical

Mood - None (Barely conscious)

BP - 20 (4%)

Abilities - Drain, Stiffen, Camoflouge, Constrict

Evolutionary Branches - Unavailable

Description - This creature is known to be extremely prideful and quite rare, after hatching they are abandoned by their parents to fend for themselves, after going through trials and tribulations most of the time they grow up to be powerhouses in their own right. Their hunting patterns involve constricting its foes into submission while draining vitality and go for the killing blow, by swallowing the prey whole when their prey have no means to resist.

Graded Evaluation (C+) Aint too bad, still quite shabby though

Stone then had an idea, he jogged over to Cosmo and picked him up then placed it next to the struggling serpent. Cosmo was shaking and turned towards stone seemingly hurt and betrayed his master would do this to him, upon seeing this Stone just sighed and picked up Cosmo then smacked his blue quills onto the Tree Serpent, which instinctively kicked the poison in and paralyzed the creature which left it limp and then lifeless.

Stone then looked at Cosmo

Name - Porquent (Cosmo)

Species - Polar Porquent

Status - Healthy

Mood - Scared

Bp (New!) 6 (20%)

Loyalty - Thinks you are its mother!

Abilities - Curl, Charge, Roll, Poison Discharge

Evolutionary Branches - Greater Polar Porquent, Polar Plycanthrope

Description - ( This species of Porquent is a possible result of a regular Porquent had they evolved to survive sub 0° temperatures, however as a result are more hearty than their regular counterparts that live in the forest. Polar Porquent's have hard pointy chilled quill tips that release a unique poison that freezes the blood of its prey, however, this is a controlled mechanism by the creature itself and this discharge is usually done when their quills have penetrated the flesh of their prey. These creatures are different from their herbivore cousins and like meat.)

Graded Evaluation (F)(New!) Still pathetically weak, rongeur dégoûtant Ptue!

'So beating other creatures grant them brownie points huh?' Stone thought thoughtfully, he then decided to test this theory on the way to Cherry City, completely neglecting the ugly girl who was awakening behind him and walking off on his merry way,

To Cherry City and onwards!


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