My Youth Began With Him
3744 So Many Shameless People These Days 14
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My Youth Began With Him
Author :Baby Piggie
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3744 So Many Shameless People These Days 14

"Boss, am I free now?"

The girl felt the mission was torture. She was a technology expert responsible for the high-tech department in Lu Yan's headquarters on an island. In other words, she was a hacker.

But this time, Lu Yan made her put on a human-skin mask to pretend to be her and came to Las Vegas with Qiao Fei.

The girl felt like she was walking on thin ice. If some scandal came out of her mission working with the boss's man, she'd die. After all, that bitch Amy had set a good example…

"You look so lame… How can you call yourself a top-level hacker…?" Lu Yan looked disgusted.

"Boss, Mr. Qiao and I…"

"I know. You don't have to explain. I know everything. Be a good girl and pull off the mask and change into these clothes. Go out and get into the car I arranged for you… If you want to go back to the headquarters, you can go directly. If you don't want to go back, I'll give you a two-week leave and you can go vacationing in any place in the world. I'll pay all the fees."

Lu Yan touched the girl's head as if she was talking to a child, making the girl feel exasperated.

"Boss. I want to return to the headquarters…"

The girl had worked for Lu Yan for years. Her fighting skills were ordinary in the team, but she was super smart and could hack into a swiss bank within minutes.

In the washroom, Lu Yan and her double switched back to their original identities.

Changing into her double's cute little black evening gown, Lu Yan went back to the casino table with a luxurious brand handbag, looking like a famous socialite.

She placed bets calmly; in the eyes of the people around her, the woman looked the same as before, including her facial expressions, the levels of her bets; she still spoke few words.

However, the moment she sat down, Qiao Fei's eyes changed subtly but no one noticed the change.

In less than five minutes, Lu Yan won back the hundreds of thousands of dollars that her double had lost.

With a smile, Lu Yan stood up and stretched elegantly.

"Let me carry it for you."

Qiao Fei took the handbag from her.

In fact, Lu Yan was jealous since she hadn't told Qiao Fei that she'd come.

According to the plan, he and her double would stay here for three days and three nights and then fly to Milan in Italy to meet Lu Yan; she'd switch with the double in Milan.

So, according to the plan, the woman beside Qiao Fei was supposed to be Lu Yan's double.

It was why Lu Yan was jealous when she saw Qiao Fei was so attentive to her double.

Seeing her sour expression, Qiao Fei curved up his lips slightly but said nothing.

Despite her resentment, Lu Yan handed her bag to Qiao Fei.

They didn't speak on their way to the hotel.

As a cover, Qiao Fei and her double lived in one suite, but the double stayed in the guest room while Qiao Fei stayed in the main bedroom.

The double was afraid of Qiao Fei and didn't dare to speak more than was necessary; unlike Amy, she knew her position.

Entering the suite, Lu Yan walked toward the guest room, still pretending to be her double.

But the moment she entered, Qiao Fei followed her into the room.

"?" Lu Yan looked at Qiao Feil in puzzlement, wanting to ask what the damn he wanted to do.

But on second thought, she decided against it. After all, she'd expose herself if she spoke. So, she glared at Qiao Fei.

"Tonight, we sleep together," Qiao Fei said with a smile.

Lu Yan almost went mad. But she forced herself to remain calm and typed a few words on her cellphone and showed them to Qiao Fei.

Qiao Fei glanced at the screen…

The words were, "If the boss knows it, she'll kill us."


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