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My life revolves around you
Author :emarleeta
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24 Wait..Wha


He has already made the food,but I was supposed to be the one making lunch right I was supposed to use my cooking skills to capture his heart right?

I remember mother telling me to a man's heart is through his stomach. Now what stupid girl you have wasted your chance to trap him with you delicious dishes, but on second thought their will be many more chances in the future right?

Come to think of it, I will eat food cooked by the most accomplished man in this country,so many girls could kill just to have a taste of his cooking so why not!

Yang Jie quickly changed into more homely clothes and ran downstairs. Even before she could reach the kitchen xshe could already smell the aroma of delicacies.

When she reached in the kitchen she found that Yun Lin had already set the food on the table. Their was braised pork,hot rice ball soup,fried fish,rice and vegetables. The smell and look of the food was enough to earn a reaction from Yang Jie's stomach. With a loud growl it indicated it needed to be fed.

Yang Jie looked to Yun Lin's direction looking if he had heard,with a tinge of redness on her face from embarrassment. Yun Lin played stupid and pretended like he heard nothing. He could not help but glance at her when she was not looking and smile to himself, 'silly girl'

With the food already set on the table and the longing eyes of Yang Jie looking at the food made Yun Lin unable to hold on his laughter anymore," Hahahaha!! what are you waiting for come take a seat."

Yang Jie decided to let go the fact that Yun Lin dared to laugh at her misery since she was hungry anyway. Immediately she took a seat she started to dig in the food.

' Oooh God ,this food is heaven mmmh,' she couldn't help but close her eyes to severe the test.

This man Infront of her was certainly a good chef but of course she can't accept that anyone can defeat her in cooking,he may have some skills but still she found fault with his food like too much oil,too much spice,too much salt.

"seriously clearly your enjoying the food Yang Jie just give the man the compliments he deserves stop being stingy."

" Who says am stingy,that's just the truth I don't want him to get ahead of himself,he is good but he still needs some polishing."
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Yun Lin couldn't help but look at the pretty little lady Infront of him ,oooh how beautiful she is she she eats and how she closes her eyes as she severs the taste,oooh those pink small lips and now that they are all oily from the food ,oooh damn is this girl trying to seduce me because sure it's working.

"Hey why aren't you eating?" she asks as she sees him stare into space instead of eating. Actually he was staring at her but seeing her opening her eyes he decided to pretend staring somewhere else except at her.

Instead of answering he asks a question instead," how is the food?"

"Mmmh, not bad,. but that doesn't mean it's good like this fish for example it's too oily," saying that she picks fish and keeps in her bowl before she gets back into eating it.

Yun Lin can't help but twitch, ' it is not good and it is oily alright! then why do you still eat it' this lady. He stopped himself from asking since he already knows he is not going to be able to bear her answer this girl is so good at counter attacking especially with words.


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