Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
892 A Heavenly Lord Family
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Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
Author :Ten Miles Sword God
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892 A Heavenly Lord Family

The old man and young man pair were wearing servant livery and they were both Connate Cultivators, but they were arrogant and despised anyone who crossed their path. Many people were stopped by them, aside from Chen Fan and Zhao Juexian. The Fire Dharma Art had blocked all the cultivators in the sky.

The people who were being attacked were certainly upset.

One of the flying ships looked magnificent and was covered with runes, including the Windrunner Talisman, the King Kong Talisman and an Air-controlling Talisman. Dozens of arrays had been set on the ship, which could be used to resist the attacks from Golden Core Overlords. Speaking of value, the ship was worth a few million Spirit Stones.

People who owned such a kind of flying ship had to be rich. A man in a golden brocade gown holding a veiled female cultivator grunted.

"How dare you two stop me! Don't you know who I am?"

The man in a brocade gown with dozens of Connate Cultivators standing behind him shouted coldly, "You stopped the carriage of the Sect Master's son of the Yunyu Grotto-heaven. Do you want to die?"

The woman cultivator in the man's arms chuckled.

When a sect called itself a Grotto-heaven, their Overlords must have conquered a secret land or a region. There was more than one Perfected Cultivator behind this man and they also started to yell.

Even though they all came from a powerful background and normal Connate Cultivators would have been terrified, they were startled when they heard about the "Hu family."

"The Hu family? Which Hu family?"

"Who else in the Beihuang Region would call themselves that, other than those from the Hu family of Xuandu County?"

"Oh God! Are they really from the 'Hu family,' that Heavenly Lord Family?"

Those cultivators had already turned pale, while the son of Yunyu Grotto-heaven's Sect Master and the girl in his arms even trembled.

"Why? Who are you again? What did you say just then? Tell me, I'm listening," the young man who was wearing a servant outfit said.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend the Hu family. Please forgive me," the man in the brocade gown said with a smile.

The young servant glanced around. Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to look at him.

There were many peak-stage Connate Overlords among the cultivators, but they were all terrified of a servant.

"Who's the Hu family? Isn't the Wang family the only family in the Beihuang Region that has a Nascent Soul Cultivator? Where did the Hu family come from? They seem to have quite a high status." Chen Fan frowned.

Zhao Juexian mumbled, "Master, the Hu family is certainly weaker than the Wang family. The Wang family is the real historical family. Their Ancestral Patriarch has been suppressing the Beihuang Region for thousands of years. However, the Hu family cannot be underestimated either. They used to have a Heavenly Lord, who died more than ten thousand years ago. Although this kind of family has declined, they are also called 'Heavenly Lord Families.' Ordinary families and sects are nothing compared to them. After all, nobody knows what their Heavenly Lords have left for them."

Chen Fan nodded.

Even though the Nascent Soul Cultivator had died, their blood was comparable to Heavenly Medicines and one Heavenly Talisman of theirs could kill someone like the Lord of a region. If they left other arrays and secret weapons for their descendants, their families would be even more powerful and even elites on the Longevity Roll would be unable to stop them, not to mention they might also have Heavenly Treasures.

Once a Heavenly Treasure was awakened, it could destroy everything and nobody could resist its attacks, except a Heavenly Lord.

The old servant stepped forward and said, "Everyone, my Master is hanging out with Violet Moon Fairy three hundred miles away from us. Please take another route."

The old servant seemed to be trying to negotiate with them, but he spoke with a commanding tone. Many people were enraged and some were murmuring.

"Hu Xiao, the Master of the Hu family, is here? I heard that he's become a Golden Core Cultivator at fifty and has a sixth-grade Golden Core. He's one of the top talents of the Beihuang Region."

"Violet Moon Fairy is more impressive. The Ethereal Heavenly Sect is a supreme sect and is on an equal footing with the Wang family. Even if she's not a Goddess of the Ethereal Heavenly Sect, she's still powerful."

Hearing such astonishing news, most people were already frightened. Even the man from the Yunyu Grotto-heaven was about to leave.

"Master, what should we do?" Zhao Juexian asked.

"Just go up there and kill everyone that stands in our way!" Chen Fan replied and got back in the carriage again.

He wasn't even scared of a family with a Heavenly Lord, let alone one that had declined long before.

After receiving the order, Zhao Juexian whipped the horse and it responded by quickly stepping forward on the black cloud. The carriage immediately caught everyone's attention.

"Didn't you hear what we said? This is a forbidden area that belongs to the Hu family," the old servant said furiously.

"My Master has asked me to kill whoever blocks our way. Besides, this is the territory of the Tianhai Region. How can you stop anyone from entering?"

"How dare you!"

The two servants were enraged and everyone else was shocked. The Hu family was domineering and was a famous Heavenly Lord Family, but someone had dared to provoke them?

"Whoever offends the Hu family has to die!"

The young servant pulled out a white sword and created a blade aura that was a hundred feet long, attacking Zhao Juexian and the carriage. Even though he was only a Connate Cultivator, his slash had the power of a Perfected Cultivator and normal Core Formation Masters would have run away.

The onlookers were frightened.

"They're indeed from a Heavenly Lord Family. Even a servant can be as powerful as the chief disciple of a sect."

When the white light was about to hit the carriage…

Zhao Juexian raised his hand, then flicked his fingers. The blade aura immediately cracked and the young servant was knocked a thousand feet backwards. He spurted out blood and many bones were fractured.

"A Perfected Cultivator?"

Everyone was stunned.

They realized that this old man was a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator after he retaliated.

Although Chen Fan had killed hundreds of Golden Core Cultivators in the Beihan Region, it was just a special case. In most regions, Perfected Cultivators were superior.

Besides, Zhao Juexian was only a driver. If he were a Perfected Cultivator, how powerful would Chen Fan be?

Even the old servant was startled, but he still said with a cold voice, "Do you really want to be an enemy of the Hu family? Even the royal family would be in trouble if they made my Master angry, not to mention a Golden Core Cultivator like you."

He was only a Connate Cultivator, but he dared to threaten a Perfected Cultivator, which showed how powerful the Hu family was.

"Get out of our way, or die!"

Zhao Juexian then continued to go forward with the carriage. The horse surrounded by black fire was running as fast as a train.

The old servant quickly shot out a beam of light.

The onlookers around suddenly exclaimed, "Look at that carriage. It's entirely black. There's also an old man in a black robe and a horse with black fire. Would it be the famous 'Perfected Cultivator Azure Wood?'"

Everyone looked carefully and nodded.

Chen Fan had become famous along his journey. He knew incredible Wood Elemental Arts that defeated many Golden Core Cultivators and his alchemy techniques were invincible. A lot of Alchemists were astonished and they called him the Alchemy Grandmaster.

So, many people knew about his general description.

"But not even Perfected Cultivator Azure Wood can afford to provoke the Hu family. That's a Heavenly Lord Family! Even though he's once fought with seven cultivators and defeated a few Golden Core Cultivators, the Hu family is way more powerful."

Another person shook his head.

People who understood heaved a sigh.

At the foot of a mountain several hundred miles away.

More than ten thousand Connate Cultivators who were wearing armor and holding weapons surrounded the mountain viciously and nobody could get in. There were two young people, a man and a woman, walking.

The man was extremely handsome and he looked a bit evil. He was apparently a mid-stage Golden Core Cultivator. Six purple talismans floated in his eyes, which was really strange.

The woman was wearing a gown and she was tall and sexy. Her face was hidden behind a veil and she looked ethereal like the fairies in Moon Palace. Only half of her face was exposed, but everyone could see how gorgeous she was. She had fair skin and her power was unpredictable.

Behind the two of them were ten Golden Core Cultivators who were standing respectfully.

"I know that you like Spirit Medicines and a 'Heavenly Ginseng of Nine Spirits' here is about to ripen. It was found by a senior of my family thousands of years ago and he secretly formed an array to protect it. If you like it, you can take it with you."

The man was calm and elegant. He was Hu Xiao.

He was so generous that even the disciple of the Ethereal Heavenly Sect was shocked.

Violet Moon Fairy bowed and said, "Thank you, Brother Hu. I'm indeed here to look for a peerless Heavenly Medicine, so that I can become more powerful and fight for a place on the Longevity Roll."

"A Heavenly Medicine is nothing if I can make you happy." Hu Xiao smiled.

"But I didn't find a Butian Medicine. I heard that Shenxi of the Reincarnation Sect found a Butian Medicine in the Two World Peak. The Sect Master of the Reincarnation Sect even invited the Alchemy King to make a whole cauldron of Butian Pills for her, so that she could form a divine-grade Golden Core."

"If she really comes out with a divine-grade Golden Core, I'm afraid even the top elite on the Longevity Roll will have to step down." Hu Xiao looked a bit jealous.

"Although Shenxi is powerful, Wang Xuanlong is also an elite on the Longevity Roll. I think Brother Hu still has a chance of getting a spot on the list."

Violet Moon Fairy chuckled.

She stood far away from Hu Xiao at first, but at the moment, there were only a few meters between them.

Hu Xiao was still smiling and he didn't seem to have noticed that, but he was talking more humorously, which made Violet Moon Fairy laugh.

"Unfortunately, we won't be able to ask the Alchemy King for help. However, the Beihuang Region doesn't have a lot of Alchemy Grandmasters. If not, I would asked them to make a cauldron of Heavenly Pills for you."

Hu Xiao sighed.

"Heavenly Medicines might be easy to find, but an alchemist is not. I'm already pleased to have this Heavenly Ginseng of Nine Spirits. There's nothing else I would ask for," Violet Moon Fairy said.

The nearby guards were enthralled by her beauty and they glanced at her all the time.

While the two were chatting happily, there was suddenly a flash of light shooting into the sky.

Hu Xiao frowned and looked a bit upset.


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