Silver and Scarlet Promises
10 Flaming Love
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Silver and Scarlet Promises
Author :Angel_WiSARDZ
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10 Flaming Love

Freon saw Einjelle saying "You must not die; your Hannah is still out there waiting for you to her. I didn't die, I just became an ethereal angel though it's just the same as dying cause I won't be together with you anymore. But I'll be watching and I saw the pain in Hannah's heart. She hasn't fulfilled her promised yet; she promised to defeat you someday right? But you forgot all about that, didn't you? Now go back and apologize to her. I'll be the guardian angel for the both of you."

Freon was filled with sadness as he couldn't accept their fate "Thank you Einjelle, I'm sorry I failed to protect you. You've done more than enough. Now, rest in peace, I won't forget your kindness. I finally had a chance to say goodbye to you this time. The only thing I can promise to you is that I'll remember you"

"Thank you, Freon", Einjelle smiled and Freon miraculously revived from death.

Freon's sadness was immeasurable. It was already dawn and Freon woke up seeing Hannah crying on his chest. He tap her head and said "Don't cry Hannah, look, you hair is a mess again". Freon stood up and picked the scarlet ribbon. As he tied Hannah's hair he apologized, "I'm sorry Hannah, for hurting your heart, for not seeing you as my equal, for being so cold with you: sorry cause I forgot about everything we've been through. I was so dumb that I need to die and let a ghost lecture before I realize all those things."

Hannah burst out in tears and said "I love you Freon, I just couldn't say it to you before"

"I love you too Hannah, I've lost almost everything and I don't want to lose anything anymore." Freon hugged Hannah.

"Freon, you still don't have a surname right?"

"Yes, but what's with it?"

"Then, it's settled. Freon Scarlette let's continue to protect Arcadia and the rest of the world" Hannah finally smiled as the talismans of the silver necklaces glittered in a wonderful dawn.


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