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The Magical Adventures Of Isabell Shaw
Author :AnWan
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10 Rain

As all the students were leaving, I started to write important points of today's lecture, the professor used some magic to make us remember all but its effects might fade in time.

The notes would help me a lot, I wish I had known that quill spell, I wouldn't have to do this self-writing.

"Hey." I heard the childish voice, when I look back who it is, it is ten- eleven-year blue haired girl calling for me.

She looked cute with her blunt bob hairstyle, "hi." I replied she is looking at me weirdly as I am some kind of exotic species.

" Are you really come from the barren world?" She asked, her voice is full of curiosity, I got startled hearing her question.

"Yes, I've from the barren world," I answered with a smile, this little girl didn't have any other intentions, she is just curious like any other children of her age.

"it is true that no magic exists in your world?" She asked another question, "it's true." I replied as I keep writing.

"How do you know I am from the barren world?" I ask curiously, from what I know Sage Augustus is the upper echelon of the tower, he doesn't strike me a talkative person.

"Oh! my parents are sage Agustin assistant's, they know a lot of gossips in the tower." She said mischievously.

I laugh at her mischievousness but I kept writing, I just have an hour before I have to go for next class, I had decided to eat before going for next class but looks like it, I'll have to go hungry.

"You don't know 'Quill' spell?" She asked yet another question, "No." I said, feeling little down knowing probably I am the only one in the whole class who cant cast the quill spell.

"Let me teach you, it's a super easy and short spell, I learned it within an hour." She said excitedly.

I am quite startled hearing that, I just thought she is a curious little girl, she will walk away feeling bored after some time.

"Ok," I said, I may sound serious but I am excited inside, "Good!" Blue haired girl excitedly, she seems more excited than me.

"Now repeat after me!" She said, still looking excited on the prospect of teaching someone else to spell.

"Areanes mouyez capecas somple, sivene," she chanted, listening to her words they are clearly in Cylon language, the professor had just taught us its basic Alphabets.

I chanted after her, trying to copy her but nothing happened, she shook her head, "Your pronunciation is wrong, here try again…" she said and again started chanting a spell.

As I am chanting the spell, a faint shadow of white feather quill had formed, I became excited seeing this but next second it dissipated.

I did not get saddened by my failure and keep chanting the spell, I failed tens of times but I keep chanting a spell, one time the quill had nearly formed but it failed at last second.

As I am chanting, the quill formed many times but it dissipates at last moment when chanting about to finish.

"...Sivene"I finished chanting one more time as I am about to chant again I noticed that feather quill has formed.

I stare dumbly at it. I don't even know when but I started crying all of sudden.

This is my first spell, the first spell I've ever cast, I never thought utility type spell was going to be my first spell.

"Very good! you succeeded! now you just have to think it what you want to write, just think and it will write automatically." she said excitedly while clapping her hand.

I nodded and thought, the quill started to write, it starts to write whatever I thought, there is no limit to it.

Its speed is fast as my thinking speed, even my eyes can seem to follow its speed, soon I got hang of it and it's speed become even faster and I finished writing down three-hour lecture in ten minutes.

After writing all down, the feather quill disappeared at my command, "Thank you." I said to the blue-haired girl gratefully but then I remember I hadn't asked her, her name?

"My apologies, I didn't ask you your name?" I asked politely, she suddenly laughed hearing my polite tone.

"hehe, my name is Rain." She said, "I am Isabell." I said as I put my bags inside my bag.

I thought I would be able to eat before the next lecture but now I enough time to eat and spare.

"Come, grab a quick bite with me," I said to Rain, the class had started too early, I don't rain had also eaten anything.

She nodded and we walk toward the cafeteria, "Is classes are always this full?" I asked her, seeing Mr. Siverleaf class is so full that more than a hundred students were standing as all seats were taken.

"No, it was because sage Silverleaf was teaching it, classes taught by sages are always jam-packed," she said, as she said this her eyes became dreamy.

"Sage!" I exclaimed. I thought he was a Regular professor using some mystical spell while teaching.

No wonder there were so many students were attending it, "Do you know what class he has?" I asked sages are very important and tower only had few of them, so their teaching a class is a very big deal.

"He's Bard." She said. a bard, no wonder his voice was so melodious and captivating.

"I want to be a sage." Whispered Rain, her voice was so small that I am barely able to hear it.

This little sure girl had big dreams, becoming sage is extremely hard, if she wants to become a sage she will have to work very very hard.

I have asked her many questions that I stumped about especially about the money, she answers best on ten-year-olds understanding.

It's not the money is less, it is good but it is barely enough for a wizard, one has to do many experiments and research and that requires money and if I chose another elective such as alchemy, an artificer or any other, the money I have not even come close to it.

I will have to spend my money sparing else I will not have enough to perform experiments at the end.

"What's up with these capes and cloaks?" is have seen almost all student in my class wearing hoodless short capes and cloaks even Rain is wearing one.

All of them looks very stylish as comes out the designing stores, the ones I've seen in movies are paled in comparison, not pale, there can't be a comparison between them.

"The cloaks and capes are worn mostly by spellcasters, it's kind of status symbol. Although anybody can be them if you look carefully, you will see small magic staff design of every spellcaster cloths." She said and showed thumb size magic staff design on the back side of her cloak.

Raina's wearing mini sky blue cape which extends up to her shoulder, she looked quite cute wearing it.

I haven't seen any cloaks in my wardrobe and all the clothes I have are very simple, I have to buy some new clothes as soon as I got free time.

"I am free on Sunday afternoon, I could take you shopping if you want, I know all the best stores in the city." Said rain, this little girl really good, offering to help me.

"Ok." I readily accepted I have only one class on Sunday, I had planned to study the whole day.

We parted ways after eating lunch as we both had different classes to attend, she and I have only language class in common.

My next class is spell theory it is a two-hour class taught by spectacled women in mid-thirties.

This class is only for a wizard, for those who just took a step in the wizarding world.

There were only fourteen of us in the class, it was one of the very awkward class I've ever attended because all the people except me were less than fourteen years old.

After spell theory, I had another two wizard only classes which are magic mathematics and spell graph.

Magic mathematics is a class that every wizard should take if he wants to be successful, it deals with calculations that occur in a spell.

Creating or modifying spell require mathematics, no matter how unreasonable magic is or how it bend and break the laws of physics, it also has to follow certain rules and principle and magical mathematics help you do that.

Spell graph is completely different, it is quite new as its being popularised in recent thousand years.

Spell graphs help you make a graphical representation of a spell, just like a flowchart to basic computer code but on a much higher and complex level.

Apprentice wizards didn't have to learn any other classes other than language and spell theory but I wanted to do it.

Many of the books that Luna had given me, one book had most captivated me most.

That book is not big, only about two hundred pages compare to thousands of page tomes but every word of it made a mark on my mind.

It is said that magic mathematics is one of the core subjects that wizards have to learn, learning now is more useful than learning at lv. 11, that's when magical mathematics became necessary.

If I grasp it well it will bring me immense benefits in meditation dimension to faster understanding of spells.

There is one problem magical mathematics, is that it is extremely hard, it's basic calculations compared to extremely hard calculus I've learned in the college.

All the people who were learning magic mathematics in my class were at Lv.11 and above.

But I don't think I will have any problems, I have confidence in myself that I will be able to perform basic magic calculations in less than half a year.

I have now last class left, its not consider class as there is no teacher to teach

I am going to spell hall where we learn the spells and I've already chosen which attack type spell I will learn first.


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