You’re Mine
8 Special Information~
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You’re Mine
Author :Rxseyskyyy
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8 Special Information~

so the characters to "You're Mine" were made before i actually created this story.

How was the story made?

Well, me and my best friend used to love making romantic stories, and then one day we just made "You're Mine" except, it wasn't called "You're Mine" instead it was called "Is it so hard to win my heart?"

How the characters were made

Ally wasn't named "Ally" in our original story, she was named Rika at first, the others were actually their original names
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Where did i get the name ideas?

Well, me and my best friend loved shipping people together so we got some of the girls who we shipped with and decided to name the characters their names since, why not? it's a perfect opportunity to make a wonderful fanfic like but isn't fanfic story.

What were the original ships?

Lavina x Mari and Rose x Rika

How're they like?

Rika - she's a kind person and is overprotective when it comes to Rose, that's why we shipped them together

The Rika/Ally in "You're Mine" - Hates it when her friends fight, tsundere sometimes, and a positive person most of the time

Rose - loves sports, kind, boyish, actually lesbian (I made her dedicated to how she is in real life)

Lavina - Cutesy, clumsy, girly, and is the lolita type (also dedicated by how she is in person)

Mari - loves challenges, loud person, flirty, confident

Mari in real life - Quiet person, hates romance, confident, loves to bully bullies back..

That's all i have for now! i'll make a new chapter next week Monday or this week's Friday or maybe tomorrow! adios!^^


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